Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Living the Enchanted Life

Hello this thing still on?  I've been absent from the blog lately, but with really good reason.  I am NOT sick, and nothing horrible has happened to me.  In fact, I've been spending a crazy amount of time away from home lately and as a result the blog and my sewing have been non-existent. April, I spent some time in Alberta, hanging out with my brothers.  We skied (well...I skied, one of them boarded, and the other had to watch from the sidelines due to work and a knee injury).  I took a TON of pictures of the mountains (you'll have to believe me for now - I'm having a techno-burp with my phone and all of my "real" pictures are on my camera at home).   We at awesome food we cooked for each other (yup, all foodies), we hung out at the fitness centre (for the pool! and hot tub! and steam room!).  We saw a MASSIVE GRIZZLY bear, which immediately curtailed any thoughts we had of hiking or snowshoeing.

Touristy picture of me taking a picture of my brother who is taking a picture of me...
enjoying a Rock Creek Dry Cider after a good day of skiing at Lake Louise
The brother who doesn't live there and I are dreaming up ways to get back there as quickly as possible.  Summer in the mountains brings a whole realm of different things to do! (horseback riding, camping, hiking, fly fishing, mountain many choices!!)  Ah...the mountain life is the life!

Back to reality...I attended a conference in April for work, which seriously cut into my sewing time as well, and have another starting this weekend.  So instead of sewing, I will be visiting my brother in Ottawa for an overnight before heading to the hotel for the few days of the conference.  It is the first weekend of the annual Tulip Festival, and I have never been before, so I am very much looking forward to going!

There has been knitting.  Again - you'll just have to believe me for the time being until I can upload my photographs.  I have started a pair of Colonial Rib socks for my dad, and I'm really enjoying this knit.  Not mindless, but I am certainly finding these to be a relaxing knit. Here's the Rav Link.  I'm loving these!

I also started and finished a pair of plain vanilla socks while I was away in Regia yarn.  I enjoyed knitting on these when I was too tired to knit anything else after skiing.  Here's the Rav Link for these.

In the meantime, let's take a look at those goals from last month, shall we?

Goals for April 2013


1. Finish Reims socks Hooray!  Finished!
2. Finish Melissa's sweater, block it and send it to her in the mail Finished, blocked but still need to weave in the ends before sending it to her.
3. Finish Emerald Raspberry Fingerless Mitts for my mom um...yeah.  No further than last month.
4. And just because I'm feeling SO bold owing to finishing my goals for March, I'll throw in this one too - finish the Francis Revisited sweater I started for myself eons ago.  A warm alpaca/wool sweater just in time for spring. progress at all.


1. Sew the *&@#$ red sweater.  I have till the end of April, right?! Famous last words...
2. Sew yoga leggings and tank tops to wear on my spring skiing vacation in two weeks. And again...famous last words.

Goals for May 2013


1.  Weave in the ends of Melissa's sweater and send it to her on Friday (is it cheating to write a goal you know you're already going to accomplish?  I'm taking this to knit night tonight!)
2.  Finish Emerald Raspberry Fingerless Mitts for my mom.
3.  Finish Colonial Rib socks for my dad
4.  Start socks in Casbah yarn for myself.
5.  Pick out sweater pattern and yarn for a sweater for Sara


1.  Should I even bother??!


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