Friday, November 15, 2013

I blinked. And a Winter Wardrobe.

Whew - how did that happen?  I *thought* I posted something and then when I checked this morning...I realized that Nope, I didn't actually post anything since November 4th, almost two weeks ago!  Hmmm...

The last two weeks *have* been busy, with loads of local travel for work (and many, many hours of driving), and I've been studying like mad for an upcoming exam for a work-related course I've been taking.  Hopefully I will write this exam on Sunday (that is if my proctor receives my exam in time, which I really hope he does, at this point I just want the darned thing over with!!)  Anyways...that's what's been keeping me from posting.  Excuses, excuses, I know.

In a few posts in the recent past, I've vaguely alluded to the winter wardrobe I've been planning, and last weekend during a cutting frenzy on Sunday (yeah, in the name of HOMEWORK for my garment sewing class, wink, wink), the plan kind of took a turn of it's own.  Anyways, here's the fabric that I started with for my Winter 2013 collection (gotta come up with a better name than that).

Fabric #1 - lightweight suiting fabric of undetermined fibers from Fabricland.  I have a thing for leopard print, or any animal print for that matter.  This suiting fabric is fantastic, and it has a bit of a sheen to it as well.

Fabric #1 - Reverse side.  I love this fabric even more when I realized I could use either side, or both!

I've already cut this fabric out in a tapered knee length skirt from one of my own self-drafted patterns.  I haven't decided which side to use as the "right" side but do know that I will be using red lining.  I am also searching for a jacket idea, but I don't think I will wear them together as a suit look.  It seems a little busy to me for that.

Fabric #2 - excuse the wrinkly picture, it's only that way because it was fresh out of the shopping bag after being in there for...ahem...a while, and I'm lazy.  This is a creamy beige lightweight faux snakeskin pleather which is backed with a lightweight polyester knit, that I also just could not resist.  It is also from Fabricland.  I LOVE it.  A bit of shine, and ALL animal print.

On Sunday, I cut this fabric out into McCalls 6171, view B, and an OOP New Look pattern (I'll have to look up the number), but essentially it's a below the knee wide skirt with box pleats at the waist - I'm planning on stitching them closed to just below the hip.  As much as I love shiny, and as much as I love animal print, I don't think I will be wearing the two together.

McCalls 6171

Fabric #3 - a poly blend knit, which has already been sewn into McCalls 6513, view C, and the review can be found HERE.  It was also purchased from Fabricland.

Fabric #4 - a heavy weight stretch crepe in cream (this photo is coming up a lot more taupe/beige/yellow than the fabric really is). Again, purchased from Fabricland.

I've made this into a skirt already, Vogue 7076 and the review can be found HERE.  I have enough left to make at least a pair of pants, and maybe a jacket, but I'm searching for the perfect pants pattern (I'm thinking maybe something a la Katherine Hepburn).

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Looking at this wardrobe plan, I just realized that it leaves me with a distinct shortage of tops, with an abundance of skirts and jackets.  I will have to do some searching for fabrics for tops within my own stash - lately I've been craving the simplicity of a crisp fresh shirt.  I know for certain I have black shirting fabric in my stash which would fit in with these fabrics nicely.   I wonder what other colours I can introduce - maybe French blue, rusty orange, deep red, chartreuse or cream? Suggestion are welcome!

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  1. This is going to be an awesome grouping! You know reading this I remember how you inspired me to sew this way because back in the day on Sewing World you would talk about taking a weekend, sitting down cutting and sewing. Then you would photograph the best garments. I'm sure you will be able to make a way to fit this sewing in and turn out an amazing wardrobe.