Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More, More, More!!!

The sewing spree continues!  I LOVE having new clothes.  Before I quit sewing on Sunday, I switched my serger and sewing machine thread over to black for a fresh start on my next batch of darker tops.  It made it really easy to just sit down and sew last night.  I kept working on the pieces I had cut out on Sunday and created these:

LH Perfect Tee, scoop v-neck with lengthened cap sleeves
Body has also been lengthened.
Fabric - ITY knit from Fabricland

LH Garbo Jacket, "Cardiganized" and self fabric trim at neckline
Fabric - medium weight tweed sweater knit
(no idea where I purchased it, but I also have the same fabric in a beige and black)

LH Perfect Tee, scooped v-neck and lengthened cap sleeves
Fabric - cotton/rayon/lycra medium weight jersey
LH Perfect Tee, scooped v-neck, cap sleeves
Fabric - novelty knit (??poly/nylon/lycra) with raised glitter areas

close up of fabric detail from above tee

LH Perfect Tee, scoop v-neck and lengthened cap sleeves
Fabric - sheer knit, ??poly
I will sew all the buttons and button holes in another marathon sewing session - I need to set up a different machine for that - maybe I need more sewing space?!  Yet another reason to sew down the stash ;)

On my way home last night, I stopped at my local Fabricland and bought buttons for all the cardigans I've shown you for the past two days, as well as three others that are already cut out, but I have yet to sew (tonight's project?!).  Of course, there was a sale on.  Look what followed me home!

Exciting photograph of new black fabrics
on top of a few I have already cut and sewn

I found some GORGEOUS medium weight rayon/poly/lycra crepe in black that will be perfect for Loes' designs.  I'm thinking pants (Oxfords with a front zip and maybe a low waistband for work), jacket (Bistro? Biarritz?) and a skirt (shorter version of the Tango? or shorter version of the Sarong skirt?).  I also found a medium weight black very drapey poly/lycra knit that would be perfect for a longer skirt, a pair of Oxford pants (no zipper needed), and maybe a short sleeve cardigan.  (Patterns can be found here:  Loes Hinse Pattern Collection)

I have more sewing planned for tonight, but I have to do some homework for the sleeveless tops and dresses pattern drafting course that I'm in first!

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