Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tour de Fleece 2014

So, there hasn't been any sewing for a bit, but with good reason.  The Tour de France is on right now, which means that the Tour de Fleece is on as well.  All my spare time lately has found me in front of my wheel.  I haven't officially joined this year.  I joined last year on a few teams, but found that trying to post pictures of my progress every day on all the teams' threads at Ravelry was a bit too much for me, especially with all the travelling I do during the summer months.  So, instead this year I decided to just keep it chillaxed.  No official teams, just spinning every day that I can and posting my progress to Instagram (my latest time suck, other than spinning!!) when I can.'s my daily progress so far:

Stage 1 - 4 oz. Dragonfly Fibers SW Merino Silk in the Zombie Apocalypse colourway
Second bobbin for a 2 ply, attempting to spin as finely as possible 

Stage 2 - Waterloo Wools BFL in Waterlilies colourway
Attempting to spin thicker for a worsted weight

Stage 3 - More Waterloo Wools Waterlilies.  Finished second bobbin of singles

Stage 4 - Plied Dragonfly Fibers Zombie Apocalypse 

Stage 5 - Plied Waterloo Wools Waterlilies  

Stage 5 - Started another 4 oz braid of Waterloo Wools BFL
Turkish Delight colourway, spun 3 oz of singles

I started off the morning by winding off the plied yarn to the niddy noddy which winds it into skeins so I could soak and thwack it (so much Fun!!).  The yarn is now drying and looks better than I could have hoped.  Finished photos to follow.

I'm out for a bit tonight with friends, but I'm hoping I'll have time to ply the Turkish Delight when I get home.  I also have to choose the next braid/bump/cloud/batt to spin!!  That's often tougher for me than the actual spinning part!

Gratuitous shot of my spinning helper

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