Friday, August 24, 2012

Holy Hannah...Where did the Summer go?

My blog has become a litany of apologies to what are now probably my non-existent blog readers. apology in this post.  No excuses either. This summer absolutely flew by.  While I am not saying the summer is officially over, I certainly can see the beginnings of fall creeping ever so slightly into the late summer days.  There are a few trees turning colour already, the days are getting much shorter (my front house light timer has finally gotten back into sync with when it is actually dark outside), the nights are much cooler, and the sunlight has changed to that late summer light.  The colours blooming right now are deep purples, and mustard yellows.  My thoughts are turning from eyelet and linen to corduroy and tweed.    From open-toed sandals to riding boots.  From sundresses, tank tops and shorts to jackets, chunky-knit sweaters and trousers.

I have been busy.  Busy driving, busy doing, busy being, busy taking care of others.  But unfortunately for the most part, not busy sewing.  This summer has wrung me up and spat me out, and boy, am I tired. I am trying to balance my life a little more.  It has become so very tilted into one or two directions, and I fear that I almost lost myself along the way.

Depression and exhaustion do funny things to people.  And I don't mean funny - ha ha.  I mean funny in weird and strange ways.  Including not doing the very things that used to make them feel good.  Sewing is one of those things for me.  It feeds my creativity, and I feel so very good about myself when I'm wearing the things I've made.  No, not just made, but rather designed and created.  The compliments and comments people give me when they find out I'm wearing  things I've designed just boosts my ego, even that tiny bit.  My life got so skewed, that I did not find the time I used to to sew.  I was in danger of loosing my creativity.

I've started journalling.  Writing is good for the creativity.  It clears my mind of the noise, and gets my complaints and negativity out of the way so I can focus on other better things.  During my morning entry this morning, something changed.  I write a closing line every day.  Usually it is "Breathe."  Today, it changed from "Breathe" to "Smile."  I take this as a good sign.  A very good sign.  It means I'm breathing without thinking about it again.  And, yes, the smile is starting to creep back onto my face.  My goal is to do what I can to indulge the smile.

And the best part?!!! I GOT MY MOJO BACK!!  I am either sewing, or daydreaming about sewing.  Sitting in my sewing space with the machines buzzing away is making me very happy!  I planned a late summer SWAP ("Sewing With A Plan" plan), I've been scouring the local fabric shops for particular pieces with the end designs in my mind, I've been rifling through my large and disarrayed fabric storage area with a frenzied pace.  I've made a large (!!) purchase from Vogue Patterns (fortunately there is the rather good sale  going on right now).

So...rather than bore you all with plans that never seem to come into fruition, I am going to show you what I'm working on, piece by piece.  I am determined to be disciplined in this, my fall SWAP, as I will be travelling a few distant places again this fall, and that always sneaks up on me.  My wardrobe is in desperate need of updating, and I'm just chock full of design ideas.

A few hints though, because I'm excited.  VERY EXCITED.  I'm dreaming of this:  black and white tweed wide legged trousers & fitted jacket.  Crisp black cotton shirt with french cuffs.  Red corduroy skinny jeans.  Chunky knit black cardigan.  Black, white & red Windsor-esque plaid RPL sexy retro pencil skirt.  And a bit of black pleather thrown in the mix, just for fun.  Classics with a very sexy edge.  Whether all my pieces will come to be, who knows?  But the best part is, I'm starting.

Can't wait to share my progress with you.

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  1. Can't wait to see your new pieces too and I'm glad that you're mojo is back!