Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Swear I Only Went in For Buttons...

Ever do this?  Walk into your local fabric shop for one or two things, usually buttons or a zipper?  And some how end up with a pile of beautiful fabrics in front of you at the checkout.  Usually without the thing you went in there for in the first place?

Ummm...yeah.  It is a rather vague but familiar experience for me.  And, it happened tonight. I only needed buttons...basic, black buttons for my daughter's cardigan (she had somehow lost two).  University student that she is, she's become all frugal on me and asked me to fix it.  I'll have her sewing soon, I promise.  But in the meantime, I come home, hiding bags of fabric, okay, really it was only one large bag of fabric, in the trunk of my car.  But, when you see what I got, you'll be wishing you could have some too.  Guess what?  All clearance, and all bolt ends.  Which means I got fabric for a pair of wool trousers, a jacket, a skirt, a dress, a shirt, a sweater coat and a sweater for...wait for it...$60.  Yup, SIXTY BUCKS.  For seven items.  That's less than 10 bucks an item.  Can you see why I'm excited here??

Here's what I got:

Black and white wool herringbone suiting for the aforementioned trousers, jacket, skirt and dress (as I mentioned to the clerk who was drooling over my find - not to be worn all at once)

Red sweater knit - so soft and squooshy.  And nary the word Acrylic on the label (big smiles here!)

White stretch shirting with an embroidered black stripe (hmm...this photo is giving me fits...the stripes actually run the other way, but the photo keeps rotating when I insert it...just imagine it with the stripes running up and down.  Or tilt your head.  Technology LOL)

and last but not least - black and white tweed knit

And the buttons?  Got them too.

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  1. Oooooohhhhh fabric p*rn! Be still my heart! *LOL* You did good and I totally get why it had to come home with you. You couldn't even buy a well-fitted pair of trousers for the $60 you spent to get 7 garments!