Saturday, January 12, 2013

What's Cookin'?

It's been hectic around here, readjusting to the "normal" routine of work, skiing, and hanging out with family and friends after the holidays.  I've also kicked up the exercise part of my life a few notches too - I have some events coming up that I need to be in much better shape than I currently am - deadlines make for great motivators!!

Back to the kitchen...I've finally gotten around to taking the before photographs...

Kitchen - Dining area

Kitchen - prep/storage area

So there you have the befores.  They are TOTALLY staged, by the way.  The clutter was moved from the flat areas onto the opposite side of the kitchen  for the duration of the photograph.  :D  The paint is staying the same for the time being, as are the table, cupboards and the countertops.  I'm hoping to purchase new chairs (they're falling apart) and make new soft furnishings out of these fabrics:

Blue & cream toiles with coordinates
I've already made the curtains for the big window, and hope to have photographs later this weekend.  The plan today is to make the blind/valance/curtain for the small window above the sink.  It typically stays open 24/7 (unless it is really hot/cold out)  because privacy is not an issue as I have forest behind my house.  I found some lovely, extravagant trim at Fabricland earlier this week, it is discontinued, so it was marked down from $15/m to $3.75/m.  I'm planning on using it on the valances to dress them up a little.  So...that's the plan!  I'd best head down to L'Atelier to get started!

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