Monday, January 13, 2014

Falling Down Isn't Hard to Do we are, the second full week of January.  Outside of finding my Theme for the year (see my last post) I've not seriously set any resolutions or goals.  I briefly thought about not buying any more fabric, but that was just setting myself up to fail.  And I would have REALLY failed if I did.  I went to a Fabricland in London, ON last week when I was travelling for work (I was killing time, which means I kind of had a bulls' eye on my back when I walked into the store!), and I found a few things.  Ahem.   A FEW.  See what I mean??

My haul piled up on a bar stool

6 m of poly/rayon/cotton blend suiting
 The above fabric is on the stiffer side, think cotton twill.  It has a stripe on the right side with a completely different yet wearable stripey reverse side.  I will likely use this as a contrast on a garment - think pockets or yoke with the reverse side showing. I have plans to do a pair of wide-legged trousers out of this, with a jacket (I love my suits), and maybe a pencil skirt.

6 m of rayon/poly blend suiting 
I can't wait to play with the above fabric.  It is gorgeous, a drapey suiting menswear type fabric that just begs to be made into a dress and feminine jacket.  I will definitely play with the red accent stripes.

6 m rayon blend brushed suiting - soooo soft!!!
The above fabric is another soft soft soft fabric, but it has more weight than the previous one.  The photograph is actually sideways but I *can't* for the life of me turn it right side.  The pinstripes run the length of the fabric.  I can't wait to make this into a pair of trousers, for something to wear to work when I'm called to the jobsite or plants in the winter months.  I've got enough to do a skirt and jacket too.

3 m rayon knit with sparkles (I'm a sucker for anything that sparkles!!)
 I'm thinking of making this one into a "date night" top.  It's probably too lightweight for a dress, but I could underline it if I really want a dress.

3.5 m of rayon blend coating
This is a very dramatic coating/suiting that I *love*!!!!  The photograph is a little wonky, but the stripes/plaid is actually straight.  LOL.  I'm thinking it might be a car length coat, or a long cape, with some dramatic large white or red buttons.

6 m of a rayon poly blend heavyweight knit
 Another piece that I love!  I bought enough to do a complete capsule out of this - a top, cardigan/jacket, dress and maybe a skirt.  It's a heathered piece of heavyweight knit fabric that can do double duty as a suiting.  My thoughts right now are leaning towards incorporating some type of faux black leather accents on the cardigan/jacket and dress.

4 m of a loose woven fabric of undetermined fibres
 This one would make a fabulous cardigan-style or famous French-style jacket.  I'm thinking of making self trim out of strips of fringed self-fabric.

5 m of a rayon/poly tweed
Another glorious suiting fabric.  I'm thinking another menswear inspired skirt suit, and maybe a dress.  Again, maybe with black pleather accents.

6 m of menswear suiting, poly blend

This menswear inspired suiting has a lightweight but stiffer hand.  I love the subtle plaid.  So much so that I've already made a pair of trousers out of it (more on that next time).  It was easy to work with, even matching the even plaid.  I have enough left for a skirt and jacket.  I'm thinking something cute and feminine for the jacket to balance out the "harshness" of the menswear.

3 m of plaid flannelette
 For a surprise project.  I don't think the intended recipient reads my blog, but I'd rather be safe than sorry ;)

My fabulous haul

Can you believe that all this, plus four Burda patterns, an assortment of zippers and thread, cost less than $200!!  I KNOW!!!  That's where the PURPOSE part of this purchase fits in.  The way I see it, I can build my daughters' work wardrobes as well, inexpensively.

Don't ya just LOVE being able to sew??!


  1. Gawd girl, I was drooling by the end of that post. I think I need a cigarette! hahahaha! What a fabulous haul and it will make amazing garments!

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