Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Living the Life of Leisure

I've been accomplishing much in my crafting life this week.  I promised myself to sew every day when I can, and boy those minutes here and there certainly add up!  I had a binge cutting session this past weekend, which means I have a bunch of leggings and tunic type tops waiting to be sewn together.  As I usually do, I grouped them by colour so I didn't have to "waste" time switching out the threads on both my sewing machine and my serger.

I finished a top from McCalls 6400 out of a lightweight knit fabric of undetermined fibres with a slight gold sheen, and two pairs of leggings, one from the same lightweight fabric, and the others out of brown lightweight ponte.

McCall's Misses' Tops 6400
McCalls 6400 Pattern Picture
The part that took the longest with the top was figuring out which way was up once I had cut it out and brought it down to my Sewing L'Atelier.  It is not a normal looking pattern piece, that's for sure!  I cut the size large because I wanted it to be more slouchy than my first version of this pattern.

Top is M6400, leggings are a frankenpattern of my own 
The results are stunning for such little effort.  I think all in all it took less than an hour from cutting to finishing the last hem.

M6400 Front View 
I've made this pattern twice before and am still wearing both previous versions.  The top is so comfortable, and shows a sexy hint of skin with the bare shoulder.

M6400 Side View 
The same pattern piece is used for both the front and back.  I decided to include the longer sleeve on the left for warmth, because it's the middle of winter here.  The hems are narrow 5/8" hem, at the neck, the sleeve edges and the bottom.

M6400 Back 
I will be making this again.  Next time, I may use self-binding at the neckline for a more finished upscale look.  I am also toying with the idea of using the sleeve addition for both sides to make long sleeves on both sides (for warmth!).


  1. Hi there. I just pulled this pattern out of my stash this morning. Yours looks great! Glad to see you're back to sewing. You've been missed

    1. Thank you Angela! I can't wait to see your version.