Friday, January 16, 2015

January Goals

It's 2015!!  Happy New Year!!  My holidays did not really go the way I had envisioned them. A car accident just before Christmas marred the simplicity I was aiming for this year,  but suffice to say, I was very appreciative of the time I got to spend with my family.  My car is back to normal after three weeks,  I am very thankful for insurance, I had a rental car so I wasn't housebound (and let's just say the rental made me even more happy to have my own car back!), and while I'm still a bit stiff and sore, I am recovering.

These past few weeks, I've been doing a bit of thinking about goals and what I want to accomplish this year.  Instead of any real resolutions, this year I've chosen my focus word to be "Joy."  I've struggled with periodic depression over the past number of years, not really enjoying my current life situation and focusing on what I think my life should be rather than enjoying where I am.  Well, I'm sick of being unhappy, and I've decided I'm just going to focus on living with JOY.  Every day. Which leads me back to the theme of this blog, which is sewing and creating.  Sewing makes me happy, and brings me joy.

My sewing goal for January is not a product focused one, rather a process focused one.
It is to sew a bit every day if my schedule allows.

I have also realized a dire need for more upscale leisure and casual clothing.  As much as I love flannel pj pants, I'm not the girl to wear them unless I'm actually in or close to being in bed. Which is funny, since I have an overabundance of flannel pants, and hardly any jeans or casual pants.

So with that in mind, since the beginning of the new year I've managed to sew two pairs of faux leather leggings, but I'm still working out how to take pictures of myself, so I don't have pictures of these for you yet.  I'm also working on a version of the top in Vogue 8840, which I will hopefully have finished tomorrow and be able to post pictures for you this weekend.

My knitting goals are a bit more product focused, with some upcoming birthdays:

1.  Finish Robot Love Mittens
2.  Finish Viajante
3.  Finish I Heart Toe Up Socks
4.  Finish Melissa's Sweater
5.  Start Socks for an upcoming birthday recipient
6.  Once I'm finished Viajante (and birthday knitting), cast on my epic shawl project

And, I may as well post my spinning goals, since I've been thinking them as well:

1.  Finish the Loop batt that has been languishing on my Joy wheel
2.  Spin 15 minutes every day - this has been going on in Instagram-land and I'm loving the products I've been seeing of everyone's commitment.  I can do this too!

What about you?  Have you made any goals or resolutions for the new year?


  1. I don't have any goals for 2015 but I do have to tell you that the more time I spend in my sewing cave, the more joy I have in my life! The things I thought I needed as a young woman don't matter as much anymore and exploring my creative side has really given me a base and brought a sense of satisfaction to my life.

    1. Carolyn, I agree! Plus, the added benefits of stress-relief, and a beautiful wardrobe from creativity are very satisfying as well