Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Goals Update

Here we are the end of August already.  I am really not sure how this happened.  This month has just flown by.  On one hand, I feel like I got a lot done, mostly just because I was so busy, but on the other hand the month went by so quickly I don't really know if I accomplished anything!  Let's check in, shall we?


  1. Finish Coffee Run socks - done!  They're super soft and squishy.  This yarn was amazing to work with.  I have to take pictures of the finished objects yet.
  2. Finish Agatha sweater for Melissa (her birthday is August 18, so I need to get on this!)  Ahhh...I pulled out the project bag.  Pretty sure she won't wear a sweater without sleeves, even if I market it as a vest.  I guess I should start working on this again.
  3. Finish my lightweight cardigan Done!  I absolutely love how this sweater turned out.  The yarn is Ah-maz-ing!  Misti Alpaca Tonos - silk and alpaca.  Need I say more?  It wears like a dream - soft and light, yet warm and cozy.
  4. Start a baby sweater for Sara's baby   I've pulled out the yarns!
  5. Make my list for Christmas gift knitting and pick one project to get started on.   I've started this - I have a pile of sock yarn pulled, and almost one sock completed.


  1. Finish the red cocktail dress.  I'm just going to keep putting it here until it's done.  Maybe I'll be ready for the Christmas party season with it?! hahahahaha.
  2. Draft, cut and sew a tunic top with gathers at the neckline. I have amazing fabric for this that should really get me inspired to do this!  again...hahahahaha
  3. Sew a summer style jumpsuit (Closet Case Files Sallie maybe?!)  While I thought a lot about a jumpsuit and even pulled out patterns, I haven't done this one yet.  I need some shorts first to finish up the summer.
  4. Sew a summer dress, wrap style from the same pattern as my black and white print dress?  I sewed another summer dress, and even a wrap one, but not from the pattern I was originally thinking about.  I'm still considering this one done!


  1. Finish reading People over Profit Not finished yet.  Still working on it.  It's a great book, but I only have so much time
  2. Finish reading The Three Sisters Bar & Hotel (this won't be a problem, I'm using this as a reason to go to bed early and read!) I haven't had much time for reading the past few weeks, I've been going to bed too late and getting up too early.  I've been reading, but slowly and very few pages at a time.  BUT, this book has gripped me, and I' managed to finish it!
  3. Start reading Book Yourself Solid (for work and my own business)  I did start reading this - and even finished listening to it in audiobook format on some of my long work drives.  I have the concepts down, but would like to read it to reinforce the concepts presented.  
  4. Pick the next fiction book to read  The Bay of Sighs, which is the next Nora Roberts book in a trilogy that I've been reading - I've even started this!

Goals for September


  1. Finish the Asymmetrical Ribbed Vest I've been working on.  I feel like I might be playing a game of yarn chicken though, I will keep persevering to see what happens.
  2. Finish the Trillian shawl I'm working on in Misti Alpaca Pima Silk.  Love knitting this - its almost mindless, and perfect for the end of day knitting.
  3. Finish the Agatha sweater for Melissa.  Really.
  4. Start and finish two pairs of plain vanilla Christmas socks as a present for one of the people on my list.
  5. Start and finish a baby sweater for Sara's baby
  6. Design and machine knit a black bulky weight cardigan for myself 
  7. Attempt to machine knit socks.  
  1. Finish The Big Easy SWAP 2016 for my trip to NOLA
  2. That's a pretty big goal, so I'll leave it at that
  3. Oh wait - I have some sports "tops" (aka bras, Jalie!) cut out - I need to finish these so I can kick up my exercise program (literally, cuz I like kickboxing!)
  1. Read The Bay of Sighs by Nora Roberts, which I've started already :)
  2. Finish Sales Bible by Jeffery Gitomer - I started this a million years ago, and would like to get back to reading a bit every morning before I start work.
  3. Find a trashy southern Louisiana-based historical romance to read.   Something preferably with vampires, voodoo and/or witches.  I'm looking for something gripping yet easy to read as an escape.  Any suggestions?

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  1. I make a list but not as detailed as this! And I definitely read on the fly...whatever holds my attention. Though I have started to think of Christmas presents and making a few things!