Monday, March 12, 2018

Disoriented SWAP'ping (FO - Vogue 7827)

So, sometimes my SWAP plans get a bit disoriented.  In this case, I had a party that I was going to and I wanted a new top to wear, as one does.  And while I'm really trying to be disciplined and stick to my SWAP plans, I'm down to the last two items in my main SWAP, which are a glen plaid jacket and a matching glen plaid skirt.  I've been holding off on the glen plaid, because, well...plaid.  Matching isn't my favourite thing.  Anyhoo...back to the party.  I had pulled this fabric and pattern for the next phase of my SWAP and thought Vogue 7827 would make the perfect party top.

I chose View B, and used a black chiffon with tiny white polka dots.  I cut my usual size 16.

There are only three pattern pieces for this top - a front, a back and a guide for the elastic.  It seems relatively straight forward - the front and back are basically rectangles.

BUT...said rectangles are cut on the bias.  With narrow hems.  ALL AROUND.  And this is chiffon.   So...yup, it suddenly became a labour of love instead of a quick throw-together top.

The drape is fantabulous.  

Directions are important.  After stitching the basting stitches, gathering the area where the seams will go and then adding the narrow elastic, I promptly stitched the seams right sides together.  Because that's how you normally sew a side seam.  BUT...that left the lovely drapey sleeves on the inside.  GAHHHH.

Since it was time for the party, and I had a billion-ty stitches to unpick on black bias cut chiffon, I decided to wear something else to the party and come back to this later.  Truthfully, my initial thought was "How much do I really want this top?" but when I came back to this later, I decided I really, really wanted it, so I tediously unpicked every stitch, and then stitched it the right way 'round.

The flutter sleeves turned out amazing.  Totally worth the unpicking in my opinion.  This is a pretty distinctive top, so I'm not sure I will make it again, at least for the foreseeable future, but I've made a pretty giant note to myself to make sure I don't sew it the wrong way round again.

Now all I need is a party to wear it to...

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