Friday, March 9, 2018

TNT Patterns - Boylston Bra

My lingerie drawers are busting at the seams (see what I did there?!), but I can't. stop. making.  I've been reaching for my foam lined cup Boylston Bras on a regular basis.  I like everything about them - they're so comfortable, I like the shape they give me, I like the way they look under my clothes (no obvious seam lines, etc.).  So what's a girl to do?  Make MOAR!!! This has definitely become a tried and true (TNT) pattern for me.  I think it takes me less time to make a bra now than it does to go shopping for one! 

I chose the outer fabric, lingerie mesh and elastics from a Merckwaerdigh kit that I had in my stash. The foam for the cut and sew foam cups came from Emerald Erin and the black power net came from Bramaker's Supply.  I made a minor adjustment to the pattern this time around from the last ones I've made. I've found that the band elastic has been rolling under the cups, so I trimmed 1/4" off the bottom of the frame pieces under the lowest part of the cups before attaching the band elastic.

Here's the finished bra:

Inside view, showing the foam cups, along with the apple green lingerie mesh I used as a stabilizer for the bridge and frames:

My topstitching on the cup seams wasn't the greatest, until I switched out the sewing machine needle to a smaller ballpoint size.

And of course, if one makes a bra, one needs matching panties.  I pilfered the leftover pieces from this bra kit and combined them with stretch laces from my stash to make two matching panties.  The first pair I used the Giselle Ruched Back Pantie pattern from OhhhLuluSews.  I didn't have enough of the main fabric to make the required height of the back pattern piece, so I added a piece of navy stretch lace before I did the ruching.  Here's the back:

 I also split the front pattern piece to add a separate crotch piece using the height of the crotch lining piece as a guide, so I could squeeze out the pieces from the remaining fabric I had.  The fabric print is so busy, it's hardly noticeable.  Here's the front:

For the second pair of matching panties, I used Evie la Luve's  Esme Panties pattern.  I used a coordinating stretch lace trim at the waist instead of fold over elastic.

And for the final pair, I made a coordinating stretch lace pair of Evie la Luve's Bella Lace panties out of a blue stretch lace - I'll be honest I cut these out a few months back and have no idea where the lace came from.  I'm just happy I didn't lose any of the pieces.  
As luck would have it, they coordinated with this bra!
I think I need to go through my lingerie drawer to make some more room, because you know these won't be the last ones I make!

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