Thursday, October 31, 2013

How Did I Do? A Review of October's Goals

Well, it's the end of the month already.  And a busy month it certainly has been.  I travelled to Chicago (for work), to London (Ontario) three times (twice for work), had the Canadian Thanksgiving, started my pattern drafting course, finished up a work course, and I was SICK as a dog for three days.  Whew!

I've started seriously wondering how I can accomplish more sewing in my week.  I have a HUGE stash that I continue to add to (the intentions are good, but boy can Pinterest ever sucker a girl into thinking she needs more clothing!!) and I'm starting to wonder if I will ever go through it in my lifetime.  My latest acquisitions were made today (!!) at lunch - I just needed to run into Fabricland to get a zipper...and ended up with all things mustard (more on that in an upcoming post).

I think that I'm going to try scheduling sewing time for myself at least two nights a week - the goal will be half an hour at a time.  It doesn't seem like much, but garments do get accomplished a seam at a time.  And I'm lucky enough that I have a dedicated space where I don't have to clean up after myself following a sewing session.

Anyway...Any suggestions on how to accomplish more sewing would be greatly appreciated!

On to the goals!  Here are the goals I made for myself for October:

Knitting Goals for October:

1. Finish Christmas sock pair #1 Umm...these seem absolutely huge and I kind of put them aside to ponder whether I'm going to continue on as is, or whether I'm going to frog them and start over.
2. Cast on Christmas sock pair #2 Done! and the socks are completed!
3. Make a hat for baby present (very close deadline for this one!) Done!
And I've even cast on and finished a pair of Halloween socks for myself, and cast on another pair of Christmas Socks (#3).

Sewing Goals for October:

1. Finish white V1291 Sandra Betzina top Done!  I've even worn this top already :)
2. Cut out and sew red shirt, pattern to yet be determined.  Nope  Not even thought about.
3. Cut out and sew cream crepe full skirt, V???? (will have to edit to determine pattern number - it's at home on my disaster of a staging area, aka coffee table in the rec room with fabric piled up to just about the tipping point) Cut and sewn to the point of adding lining.  Lining has been purchased and waiting to be cut.
4. Cut out and sew beige pleather/snakeskin jacket, M???? Nope, not yet.  But I did buy lining.  And I found the pattern...
5. Cut out and sew red RPL pencil skirt Another nope.

Knitting Goals for November:

1.  Finish Christmas Socks #1
2.  Finish Christmas Socks #3

Sewing Goals for November:

1.  Finish cream crepe skirt V7607 - just needs lining to be cut and sewn
2.  Cut and sew beige pleather/snakeskin jacket, M???? (It appears to be OOP and off McCall's website)
3.  Cut and sew grey doubleknit leggings
4.  Cut and sew mustard ponte de roma pencil skirt
5.  Cut and sew red ponte de roma pencil skirt
6.  Finish grey/silver sweater knit drapey cardigan  V???? - sewn together but the darned thing keeps growing, so it's waiting on my dressmaker's form to hopefully stop growing before I can hem it

That *sounds* like big dreams, but #1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 shouldn't take THAT much time...

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