Thursday, October 17, 2013

I sewed!!

I went home for lunch today with high expectations (my office is only about 10 km from my house).  Though by the time I got dinner in the crockpot and lunch packed up to take back to the office with me, I only had about 10 minutes to sit at the sewing machine.  BUT I SEWED!!!

I've been dying to get to the sewing machine for weeks now, but busy-ness at work (stress with potential changes which left me exhausted at night, trying to finish up a course for work, along with trips to London, ON and Chicago, IL) and busy-ness with family (Thanksgiving and another trip to London, ON) have just preempted this.

I'm *still* working on my sheer knit white top from Sandra Betzina's Today's Fit Vogue 1291.  I managed to get two very short seams done, and pinned the neckband to the neck of the top.  But, People, I sewed!  Tonight will be a dedicated sewing night after a quick dinner (throwing dinner in the slow cooker at lunchtime, that's forward thinking!!)- Tonight I'm spending time at my machine!!!

I've just checked my sewing goals for October.  It is now October 17th. I'm still working on the first item, slow seam by slow seam. I must have been on some serious allergy medication when I wrote that last post.  Or maybe just overly optimistic.  BWAHAHAHAHAHA..

My goal tonight is to finish the white top to wear tomorrow.  If I have time, I'll cut out the cream skirt.  I'm thinking of Vogue 7607, view B.  The fabric has been sitting on my dining table for about a week now.

I have HUGE incentive - I have just gotten a pair of gorgeous tan boots to wear with it.

Harley Davidson Payton Brown Footwear Boots
Harley Davidson Payton Boot in Tan
LOVE!! <3

Anybody else sew to coordinate with their accessories??


  1. I'm sure you will get some quality time with your sewing machine tonight and get your shirt done! I know you will!!!

    1. Carolyn - you're right! I finally got it finished that night!!