Thursday, October 3, 2013

Starts and Stops

Hello there readers (if there are any of you left!)  I've been super busy with work, which involves a lot of travel.  And time I *do* spend in the office has been stressful due to rumours of reorganization and various other things, so when I've been getting home from work, I'm just exhausted. So...despite my desire and best intentions to get to the sewing machine, I only have been walking past it daily (it's on the way to the patio doors to let the dog out in the backyard).

I've been working on this top (and I use the term "working" loosely):

V1291 Sandra Betzina, Today's Fit

It's been teasing me, as it is half finished on the dress form where I also see it many times a day.  I'm making it out of a white and sheer knit (similar to a burnout), and I'm really enjoying sewing this!  It is a relatively quick top, but you have to pay attention to the markings to match up the right seams.  I can't wait to finish it and hopefully get to wear it soon!

It's been a while since I've made any goals, or even checked up on what I last planned!  So...without further ado, here's a check-in:

Knitting Goals for August (!! It has been a while!!)

1.  Finish the body on the Effortless Cardigan I am currently working on.  I' still have 3" of ribbing left.
2.  Keep working on my current sock project  Score!  I finished the socks (at least I think it was the same pair I was working on, maybe I finished two pairs since then?!) and have cast on for a pair for someone's Christmas present!
3.  Plan Christmas knitting  Score again!  I've got it all planned out.  I'm thinking that perhaps "Sweaters for Everyone" is a goal I shouldn't make for myself at this point, so I've downsized to socks, cowls and mittens for special people in my life. Now if only I can stay on task...

Sewing Goal for August:

1.  Finish the dark blue denim skinny pants Wow...score again!  I've finished them, and have worn them a number of times.
2.  Plan Fall/Winter wardrobe and sewing Yup...planned it, and pulled the fabric and patterns.  More to come on this when I get back from my business trip next week.
3.  Plan Christmas sewing Sort of...I haven't written it down, but I've done some pondering, and came across my TNT pj pant pattern (which WAS lost in my disaster of a sewing area) to make flannels for everyone.  

Knitting Goals for October:

1. Finish Christmas sock pair #1

2. Cast on Christmas sock pair #2
3. Make a hat for baby present (very close deadline for this one!)

Sewing Goals for October:

1. Finish white V1291 Sandra Betzina top

2. Cut out and sew red shirt, pattern to yet be determined.
3. Cut out and sew cream crepe full skirt, V???? (will have to edit to determine pattern number - it's at home on my disaster of a staging area, aka coffee table in the rec room with fabric piled up to just about the tipping point)
4. Cut out and sew beige pleather/snakeskin jacket, M????
5. Cut out and sew red RPL pencil skirt

I could go on with the sewing goals, but let's keep it realistic, shall we?!

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