Monday, February 3, 2014

Sewing Mojo Update (Weekend Wrap Up)

I am thoroughly enjoying the burst of sewing mojo I've had recently.  I am trying to get in a bit of sewing every day.  Of course, that doesn't always happen, but boy, the results when you try!!

I am currently working on a coat from Vogue 2472 (I think it is OOP).  It is a raglan sleeve coat, I'm working on View C with a large stand-up collar, and offset closures.

Sorry for the sideways shot - no matter what I do, the
techno-gremlins keep turning the photo!

It is out of a short pile faux fur fabric with an interesting design that is from the change in nap that I purchased at my local Fabricland (November/December 2013?).  I hand-stitched the sew-in interfacing in last week, and stitched the coat and lining together yesterday.  I am putting an interlining layer in for warmth (I'm thinking of flannelette), but I have to search some fabric for it out at my LFS tonight (can you believe I have absolutely nothing in my stash!!?!).   I'm lining it with Kasha lining (a heavier weight lining with a brushed almost flannel type backing).  This won't be an every day coat, but when I do wear it for an evening out, I will most likely not be wearing something overly warm underneath!

So...tonight after work, I'm heading to my local Fabricland.  Hopefully I will restrain myself from purchasing any new fabrics (other than the interlining) sewing studio is being over run by bins and piles!!

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