Friday, September 30, 2016

September Goals Revisited

September didn't really feel much like September in my mind.  It certainly was a busy month - I rang it in by spending a weekend at a friend's cottage (which was amazing - kayaking, tubing, boating, dock sitting, reading at the lake, swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, and going to the fair with rides and cows and chickens and fair food!!).  September also saw me become an auntie again, re-certify for Ski Patrol (for my 13th season) with a day of examinations, host a sewing retreat weekend and travel to New Orleans for five days.  All this thrown in with my "regular" daily activities!

Add to that the fact that the majority of the month was still quite warm out (the daily highs were well above the average for this time of year), so it really didn't feel quite like fall - I'm not wearing my hand knit sweaters yet!  Still, the calendar says that September 2016 is coming to a close, which means it's time for my goals check-in.

My goals for September were:


  1. Finish the Asymmetrical Ribbed Vest I've been working on.  I feel like I might be playing a game of yarn chicken though, I will keep persevering to see what happens. Done!  My visualization of yarn chicken was realized, and I lost by A LOT.  Fortunately, I had something similar in my stash and while I know that it was finished with a different yarn, it's on the back portion of the vest and the yarn is very very close for not being the same.  I feel like it's a design feature!
  2. Finish the Trillian shawl I'm working on in Misti Alpaca Pima Silk.  Love knitting this - its almost mindless, and perfect for the end of day knitting.  Done!  I absolutely love this cotton and silk scarf. The colours coordinate very well with my casual summer wardrobe.
  3. Finish the Agatha sweater for Melissa.  Really.  Bwahahahaha...though it is currently sitting beside the chair I sit in in the yarn room, and mocks me every time I sit down.  I'm wondering if I can finish this for Christmas?!
  4. Start and finish two pairs of plain vanilla Christmas socks as a present for one of the people on my list. I've started two pairs.  But I am nowhere near finishing either of them.  
  5. Start and finish a baby sweater for Sara's baby. Nope.  I will have to get a few of these done, but Christmas knitting comes first.
  6. Design and machine knit a black bulky weight cardigan for myself.  I did swatch for this.  I need a new handknit black sweater, so hopefully I can get to this, but it is currently on the backburner due to the Christmas knitting that has started.
  7. Attempt to machine knit socks.  Nope.  See #6.  When time is at a premium, I can't mess around with trying out new things.  Maybe in January I'll revisit this...
  1. Finish The Big Easy SWAP 2016 for my trip to NOLA I did get a lot done on this, but as with all plans, it wasn't 100% realized the way I had originally thought.  I made some tweaks along the way to the planned patterns and edited a few fabrics, but am very happy with the result.  It worked really well as a travel wardrobe.  Despite sticking to carry-on, I brought a few too many clothes, but the temperature varies so much from inside to out, and the activities are always quite varied in New Orleans too (think boardroom to the bayou to Bourbon Street), so I had to be prepared for pretty much anything.  I'm thinking a post on the outcome would be a good idea.  
  2. That's a pretty big goal, so I'll leave it at that  Can I just cross this off?  I'm obsessive about checklists and crossing things off feels really good. :)
  3. Oh wait - I have some sports "tops" (aka bras, Jalie!) cut out - I need to finish these so I can kick up my exercise program (literally, cuz I like kickboxing!) Done!  Guess I should do a post on these too?!
  1. Read The Bay of Sighs by Nora Roberts, which I've started already :) Done - super fast read.  Magic, werewolfs, warlocks, mermaids, time travel, and a bit of romance thrown into the mix.  I immediately pre-ordered the next book in this trilogy which is scheduled for a December release.
  2. Finish Sales Bible by Jeffery Gitomer - I started this a million years ago, and would like to get back to reading a bit every morning before I start work. This book is currently sitting on my desk at work, staring at me every day.  I think it's more of a read a bit here and there to pick up some concepts type of book rather than a read straight through type of book.  I do read it regularly, and am learning a lot.  It also reinforces the power of positive thinking, which is a fantastic reminder whether you're in sales or not.
  3. Find a trashy southern Louisiana-based historical romance to read.   Something preferably with vampires, voodoo and/or witches.  I'm looking for something gripping yet easy to read as an escape.  Any suggestions?  I listened to Nine Lives by Dan Baum. Definitely not a historical romance, but a really interesting story about nine people who live in New Orleans and a good look at life there, and a look at how Hurricane Katrina impacted their lives.  I also read The Collector by Nora Roberts - an easy read modern day detective/crime type romance novel, which was a good book for reading at night.

Goals for October


  1. Finish three pairs of socks for Christmas knitting.  I'll be travelling a lot for work and for pleasure in October, so these are great portable projects and I need to get them done!
  2. Get at least one sleeve done in Melissa's Agatha sweater.
  3. I totally got sidetracked in September from my knitting goals (I am a self professed magpie and love starting new projects) and started the Sugar Maple sweater.  You can see my Ravelry page here. I'm almost done this sweater and would like to finish this before the weather gets too cold.

  1. Sew the Mia Jeans from Sew Over It City Break e-book - I think this will be a great pair of casual pants and I'm really lacking in that department right now.  Plus hello, Sew Over It City Break.  Because I'm crushing hard on these patterns right now.
  2. Sew a Jean Jacket  (maybe out of twill, not necessarily out of denim) - I need a semi-casual fall coat and this would fit the bill.  And go with my Mia Jeans.
  3. Sew the Lola Coat from Sew Over It City Break e-book - I need a good fall coat that's a bit dressier for work.  Because, again, City Break!
  4. Start planning my Christmas party dressing - pick a fabric from my stash and search for a pattern

Can I just mention here how much I am enjoying the goal of reading a bit of fiction as well as a bit of a self-improvement book each day?  I forgot how much I love the story telling/reading process. 
  1. Continue reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield - I'm currently working my way through this and it is changing the way I think for the better.  Can't wait to see where it leads.
  2. Pick the next fiction book to read.  Another New Orleans based one perhaps?  Or maybe one based in Newfoundland since I'll be travelling there this month? 

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