Monday, June 11, 2018

It's All about the Base

Sometimes I have a make that I'm not too sure about.  I fall in love with an idea during the concept phase, but when it comes to reality, it just doesn't come out quite the same as the vision in my head.  My latest make is something like this.

I had a length of fabric leftover from my latest makes on my cutting table, the same olive green lightweight cotton/lycra jersey.  These makes turned out pretty great, IMHO.  So, I figured instead of putting it back in my overflowing stash, I would just use the fabric up. 

I chose McCalls 7441 because I fell in love with the drape at the back.  I was originally thinking I'd make the view D vest, but when I laid out the pattern pieces, I didn't have enough fabric left, so I chose View A instead.

And here's how my version turned out.

It's ok, but not amazing.  It feels a bit uninspired to me.  I'm not sure why, maybe the fabric is a bit too stiff for this particular pattern?  I'm usually pretty good about being able to match fabric to patterns, so I'm struggling with why I'm not loving this make.

The back drape requires some futzing to get it to sit "nicely."  But the maybe the real reason I'm not loving this make is the side view:

The fabric settles on my butt, and not in a flattering way.  I'm not taking this with me on my trip, but it is cozy to wear, so I'm sure it will be put into rotation with my in-home lounge wear.  Onwards and upwards to my next make.

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