Friday, February 24, 2012

Am I Mad?

While catching up on the Wardrobe Basics sewalong (despite my recent and hopefully shortlived non-participation Oh how I'm craving some time at the sewing machine!!) on Lori's Website, I stumbled across Julia Bobbin and her Mad Men Dress sewalong.  Oh LOVE!    I need a LBD for my Wardrobe Basics sewalong, and I LOVE the clothing on Mad Men, so it's a perfect fit for me.  I have a lot of patterns already, and could really use one I already have, but I also enjoy supporting our economy and will probably purchase a new one.  LOL

I'd have to say in this photo, Betty Draper's brocade dress is my favourite.

Overall though, I have to say my favourite clothes are worn by the character Joan Holloway.  Va-va-va-voom!  I particularly like the blue dress she is wearing in the photo above.

Here are a few possibilities I'm mulling over:

Vintage Vogue 8687 - love the seaming and neckline detail on the dress

Vintage Vogue 2787 - While I haven't seen a photograph or an episode with a character wearing something like this dress, I absolutely love it.


New Look 6968 - a classic, and one I could use as a starting point for many of Joan's dresses.

McCalls 6394 - I love the seaming on this one
McCalls 2401 - lots of options with this one, necklines, sleeves...
McCalls 5927 - I like the pocket and pleat detail on this one


Butterick 5602 - I love the contrasting colour detail

Butterick 5277 - particularly the view with the fantastic collar!


Some more inspiration - Michael Kors, Fall 2008 (I heart Michael's designs!)
Michael kors - fall 2008
Off to watch an episode while folding laundry!


  1. Can't wait to see your dress, lots of good pattern options, too.

  2. I LOVE the New Look dress--it's perfect and I've had my eye on it for a while. Thank you for your nice comment on my skirt and grandson, too. :-)

  3. I am so excited to do this sew-along....I am crazy for Madmen! Looking foward to seeing what you come up with!