Monday, February 6, 2012

Wardrobe Sewalong Update

Yes, I know it!  I am a MASTER with the words today <smiling>

It was a good weekend.  I visited our local Winterfest with my daughter on Saturday (though we are currently experiencing the "Winter that Wasn't."), after which we had lunch downtown with her BF at our favourite Irish pub.  And I also got to spend some time in the sewing room!

My first and unpublished and unphotographed project on Saturday was to draft and sew two long sleeved (with thumbholes) undershirts for my friend's daughters to wear during their ski lessons.  To do this, I used Jalie 2005, view A.  

*I just have to insert a little commercial here* I LOVE Jalie patterns.  They fit SO well, and they have about a ZILLION sizes in one pattern envelope.  I used the same pattern that I have sewed for myself in the past.  *end of commercial*   

I added length to the sleeves to make the finished length about an inch longer than they really should be.  I also "skewed" the sleeve seam towards the thumbhole.  I'll edit this post to add a picture of the redrafted sleeve pattern so you can see what I mean.  I would try to explain, but my words not not working out too well today.  Ahem...Anyways...I also raised the front neckline by about 1-1/2" and added a mock turtleneck with self fabric.  I hear the shirts fit great and the girls (ages 6 and 4) are really pleased with them.  I am waiting for a picture and will post it as soon as I can.

With that  project completed, I worked on this, my version of the White Button Shirt (#3 on the Basic Wardrobe Sewalong List).  I do have to say that despite my earlier reservations about the collar and handstitching, it turned out okay.  I'm still on the hunt for another method of doing this, but in the meantime, here's the shirt/blouse:

Butterick 5526, view B.


I believe the fabric is probably a polyester of some type, but it feels really silky, with a matte finish.  It is actually more of a winter white or cream colour, which makes me look MUCH better than pure white.  I cut as is from the pattern in a size 12.  Next time I may add a small FBA (I'm a C/D cup), but I do like my shirts quite fitted, and I think there was ample ease in this pattern to begin with.  I also added 2" to the length of the sleeves. I can't say it is completely finished, but I'm stopping at Fabricland tonight on my way home for buttons.

I then moved onto this, my camel skirt on the previously unnoticed "tilt-y" dressmakers dummy (#5 on aforementioned Basic Wardrobe Sewalong list) :

which was made using OOP Vogue 1020 Edited to Correct - OOP Vogue 2989 and camel medium weight ponte de roma.  While the pattern is OOP, you can still purchase it at

(*not this one, though you can purchase it at Vogue Patterns still too)V1020
It's this one - 
I really like the pleated detail in the skirt, which I think gives it a little pizzazz.  And EASY!!  Elastic waist, machine finished narrow hem, and side seams done with the serger!  I think it took me all of an hour of actual sewing time.  And it feels lovely!

During my marathon cutting session a few weekends ago I also cut out the dress, the top and the jacket in varying colours of ponte de roma, so you'll be seeing a few more of these pieces at some point in the near future.

Up next, #1 on the list - Slim Black Pants (aka Ponte Pants).  Believe it or not, I've located my black ponte de roma - sitting right on top of the to be sewn pile.  I *love* it when I'm organized <wink>

I've decided on the pants from Christine Jonson's Travel Trio One.
Travel Trio One - 1204

I like the seaming detail, as well as the waist treatment.  This is not a TNT pattern, actually, I've never used it before, but have had good success with Christine's patterns in the past so I'll take the plunge on this one.  I think I may actually have enough black ponte de roma in the event the first pair doesn't turn out quite like I want.  Now if only I was so organized that I could put my hands on the pattern easily...


  1. Beautiful garments, and perfect for a wardrobe basic. Great job.

  2. Great pattern choices and I really like the pleated detail on your skirt - very cute!

  3. Sounds like you have a great plan starting! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  4. Loving the white shirt and skirt combo. This will be a great wardrobe!

  5. The shirt and the skirt look great. The pleating detail in the skirt is really fun. I would not have guessed that it's an elastic waist skirt it looks so chic! I love that we can add those little details even in basic garments to make them more interesting.

    No commercial needed for Jalie. I wish every pattern company could be 1/2 as awesome as they are.

  6. Wow! You are really getting through the basic wardrobe list is record time! Your white shirt is lovely! And, thank you for the very nice comment on my dress!