Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Progress on WIP-tember

I cannot believe that it is already the middle of September. I have no idea where the time is going.  In any event, I've been trying to get a bit of crafting/knitting/spinning/sewing in every day despite being on an insane travel schedule this month.  I am currently out on training this week (which was excellent, I have to say), but brought knitting and my relatively-new-to-me Joy spinning wheel with me while I'm travelling.

I have made much progress on my WIP-tember goals, so I think it's time for a recap.


1.  Finish Welting Fantastic Socks - one sock is finished without the heel, and I've started the second sock. Haven't touched this one yet, but it is on my list to work on after the Sorbet Socks are done. Started working on these!

2.  Finish Sorbet Socks 

3.  Finish Where's the Opaque Sweater

4.  Finish Effortless Cardigan 

5.Whip off the second Emerald Raspberry mitten

6.  Finish Brickless

7.  Steek (EEK!!) Francis Revisited sweater to make it into an, ahem, larger size as a cardigan (Note for Future:  Swatching for gauge is good.  Lesson learned.  Moving on.), add buttonbands and finish neck.  I've pulled this sweater out too, and will work on it again.  I'm debating blocking it before steeking, just to make sure the yarn doesn't stretch as much as I was previously told it would before cutting into my knitting! So...I steeked this last night.  Not sure how great of a job I did at it, and I have some darning to do, but the point would be here that I picked up a languishing object, and tried something new.  This is still a WIP, but it's now an active one.  UPDATE:  I have TOSSED this sweater.  Yup, you read that right, chucked it, binned it, threw it out.  Because the steek was an after thought, there were no "edge" stitches to anchor it and it actually unravelled sideways into the main body of the sweater (despite all the reading I did that said it wouldn't!!).  As a result, I ended up with a huge hole in the front of the sweater that would never be repaired without being noticed, and I figured there was already more than enough bad mojo in this thing, so into the bin it went.  I feel bad about it because I LOVE this yarn, but I couldn't even frog it after cutting the front - I'd end up with a million pieces of yarn in short lengths.  Consider this one DONE.

8. Finish the Not Manos Jacket.  This will be perfect for fall.  And I thought in 2011 (!!!) that I would have it done for the new year.  HA.  Really need to get this long time hibernating project off the needles.  I've pulled this one out of the storage area.  I'm debating not doing the sleeves, and leaving this as a vest.  It seems as though it would be a pretty heavy sweater otherwise.  Will have to revisit once I've finished the Emerald Raspberries and the Francis Revisited. As I am still working on the Francis Revisited, I haven't knit on this project yet.  I have pulled it out and tried it on to see where I am though...UPDATE:  I have put this into the rotation of knitting to be worked on next.

9.  Work on February Fitted Pullover at Lace Knitting Nights.   I didn't go to lace knit night last week, but will go tonight and bring this along. I STILL haven't made it to Lace Knitting Night yet, but I think this project will get picked up in the near future, even if I don't actually make it to Lace Knitting Night.

10.  Work on Cabled Yoke Sweater - another Christmas gift, and I'm at the stockinette stitch portion, so it should be relatively straight forward!  Haven't made it to this one yet. STILL haven't made it this far yet...

11.  Make decisions about frogging the remaining Hibernating Projects, or whether I will buckle down and continue to get them done. I haven't made it to this one yet either.  Figured I'd reassess after seeing how much progress I could make on the others.  UPDATE:  I frogged my Summertime Amiga.  There was no way to finish it with just the one skein of yarn, and the second skein I purchased in the same colourway was completely unmatched because they're hand painted at different times.  The yarn is awesome and I'll just use it for a different project.  I haven't yet gotten around to frogging anything else yet, but I think the next one on the frogging list will be the Summer of Trinity Shawlette 2 because I'm not sure I made any notes on where I was in the pattern...

12.  Plan my Reward Cast On Sweater to start when I've finished all these projects!!  I'm thinking this one will probably take the most time out of the entire list!!  Always thinking about this one.  So.  Many.  Sweaters!!! UPDATE:  I did in fact cast on a sweater.  It's the Boxy by Joji Locatelli.  I want to finish this for the Fall KAL that Joji is hosting, which is over November 1.  That doesn't leave much time to finish the miles and miles of fingering weight stockinette in the round needed for this sweater.  With all the travelling I'm doing this month, this is the perfect knitting! After a false start where I twisted the 390 stitches when joining them in the round, I am already 4" down, with 16" to go (I'm lengthening it a bit, but still...)

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