Thursday, September 25, 2014

WIP-tember 2014 Progress

I cannot believe it is almost the end of September.  Three months till Christmas today!!  The kid in me still gets excited about that!  The crafting adult realizes that it is a deadline that is fast approaching!

This also means that WIP-tember 2014 is fast coming to a close.  I won't have as much dedicated knitting time in the next few days as I am leaving on a business trip to New Orleans tomorrow, so I figured I'd recount what I've done this month.  


1.  Finish Welting Fantastic Socks - I worked a couple of rows, but really didn't spend much time on them.  Considering all the travelling/socializing I've done this month, I'm really not surprised.  I will finish these, but they're on the back burner for now.

2.  Finish Sorbet Socks - I finished these!

3.  Finish Where's the Opaque Sweater  - I finished these!

4.  Finish Effortless Cardigan - I finished this long languishing project, and I love it.  I've already worn it a number of times.  It's so cozy on a cool fall day.

5.Whip off the second Emerald Raspberry mitten - I finished these in two evenings.  I CANNOT believe I took so long to pick them up again!!  They're cute and I think the gift recipient will love them.  If not, I'll take them back for myself ;)

6.  Finish Brickless - Done!  Finished in time for the Yarniacs KAL and the Yarns at Yinhoo
Asymmetrical KAL.  I love the finished scarf/shawl.

7.  Steek (EEK!!) Francis Revisited sweater to make it into an, ahem, larger size as a cardigan  - This is considered done, despite the fact I actually Threw. It. Out.  (gasp).  At least it's no longer in my WIP pile.

8. Finish the Not Manos Jacket.  Did not finish.  Probably won't finish until November.  It is a warm woolly sweater that will serve me well through the winter months, but I need to focus on a few other projects for the time being.  I have tried it on and figured out where I was in the pattern, so I'm ready to go when I have the time to focus on it.

9.  Work on February Fitted Pullover at Lace Knitting Nights.   Can you believe I didn't make it to lace knitting night once in September?!  Not frogging this one yet though, I'd love to have the finished object, but again, will focus on other things for the time being. 

10.  Work on Cabled Yoke Sweater - Didn't even look at this.  I will pull it out in October.  I don't think it will take a whole lot of time to finish and I need it for Christmas!

11.  Make decisions about frogging the remaining Hibernating Projects, or whether I will buckle down and continue to get them done. I frogged at least one project, the Summertime Amiga.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and was actually quite liberating.  And now I have yarn for another project.  Because I need more yarn.  HA.

12.  Plan my Reward Cast On Sweater to start when I've finished all these projects!!  So...I didn't wait until I had finished ALL the projects I mentioned above, but I certainly cast on and knit 11-1/2" of stockinette stitch in the round.  This project is perfect for movie nights, campfire knitting, Knit Night and other social events.  Since I had a lot of them this month, I am progressing nicely.  Besides, I need to finish this by November 1 for the Joji Fall KAL.

I also cast on another pair of toe-up after-thought heel socks for a Christmas gift (Lucky 13 2014).  I have completed the "body" of the first sock, and am a good portion through the foot on the second.

There you have it.  I consider that to be a lot of progress.  

So, without further ado, here are my goals for October:


1.  Finish Boxy sweater by October 31.  Need to finish for the KAL!

2.  Finish Lucky 13 Christmas socks.

3, Start and complete a pair of Halloween socks for myself.

4.  Work on Cabled Yoke Sweater.


Because I haven't done hardly ANY in September.  And I NEED some new fall work clothes, if not casual clothes!  If I don't set the goals, I will be too here we go!

1.  Sew homework for Sleeveless Tops and Dresses sewing class (I missed two weeks because of travel).  So, I'll have to finish two tops or dresses, one is a tank with facings at the armholes and neckline, the other is a knit tee type top.

2.  Sew two pairs of work pants.  These are already cut out.

3.  Sew a winter coat.  I need one before the weather gets too cold!!

4.  Edited to add:  I cannot believe I forgot this one.  Sew a pair of leather leggings.  I have stretch pleather (which sounds awful but is amazing from King Textiles in Toronto), and I have perfected my legging pattern, so technically it should take no time at all to get these done!

BTW - I've been browsing blogs online recently, which was something I have not done for a while.  I think it depressed me a bit that I couldn't take the time to sew, but I'm starting to get some mojo back (just in time for me to NOT be able to sew for about a week!). of the blogs I'm loving right now is  Nikki has an awesome sense of style, and I love that she uses the same patterns over and over again, but modifies them for completely different looks.  And, the photography is amazing.  She inspires me.  I highly suggest checking her site out.

Well...I'm off to go pack for my upcoming trip.  Hopefully I'll get at least a bit of plane knitting done (hello Halloween socks!), and when I get back, hopefully I'll get some sewing done as well.

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