Tuesday, September 2, 2014


In my last post, I talked about the overwhelming amount of works in progress (WIPs) I had on the needles.  I have dedicated myself to trying to get as many as possible OFF the needles by the end of September.

So far, since starting on this journey a little over a week ago, I've made really good progress!

Let's review my goals:


1.  Finish Welting Fantastic Socks - one sock is finished without the heel, and I've started the second sock. Haven't touched this one yet, but it is on my list to work on after the Sorbet Socks are done.

2.  Finish Sorbet Socks - these are actually going to be a Christmas gift so that's two incentives to get them done!)  I've actively been knitting on these every morning before my brain has woken up ;)  I'm almost done the leg of the first toe-up afterthought heel sock. I've finished the first sock, and started working on the after-thought heel of the second sock.

3.  Finish Where's the Opaque Sweater - this should be fairly easy to do since I'm actively trying to get this done to wear before the cooler daytime weather arrives.  The front and back are already finished, and I'm now working on the two sleeves. The knitting on this is finished and it has been blocked.  All I have to do now is sew it together and weave in the ends.

4.  Finish Effortless Cardigan - again only have the two sleeves to finish, along with the front and neck bands.  This is blocking as I type (I think it should be dry today, unless the humidity is unbearable, which it is forecast to be!).  The knitting is completely finished, all I have to do is weave in the ends. I already love this sweater and cannot wait until it gets cooler so I can wear it!

5.Whip off the second Emerald Raspberry mitten - another Christmas gift with additional incentive, and they're tiny in comparison to the sweaters!  I've pulled these, and downloaded the pattern to my phone.  This will be one of the next projects.  I'm thinking it should be really quick to finish these off!

6.  Finish Brickless, which is part of the Yarns at Yin Hoo Asymmetrical KAL - deadline is the end of September.  This is an active project that I've been knitting on every day at lunch.  I'm really enjoying this knit!  I'm already about half way finished. Ongoing - working my way through the cake of yarn.  I think I may have enough yarn for one more complete repeat of the lace, garter and ribbing left.  Maybe.  There may be a game of yarn chicken in my future.  If I really need to, I can break into a second skein of the same yarn, but I'd really rather not if I can at all avoid it.

7.  Steek (EEK!!) Francis Revisited sweater to make it into an, ahem, larger size as a cardigan (Note for Future:  Swatching for gauge is good.  Lesson learned.  Moving on.), add buttonbands and finish neck.  I've pulled this sweater out too, and will work on it again.  I'm debating blocking it before steeking, just to make sure the yarn doesn't stretch as much as I was previously told it would before cutting into my knitting!

8. Finish the Not Manos Jacket.  This will be perfect for fall.  And I thought in 2011 (!!!) that I would have it done for the new year.  HA.  Really need to get this long time hibernating project off the needles.  I've pulled this one out of the storage area.  I'm debating not doing the sleeves, and leaving this as a vest.  It seems as though it would be a pretty heavy sweater otherwise.  Will have to revisit once I've finished the Emerald Raspberries and the Francis Revisited.

9.  Work on February Fitted Pullover at Lace Knitting Nights.   I didn't go to lace knit night last week, but will go tonight and bring this along.

10.  Work on Cabled Yoke Sweater - another Christmas gift, and I'm at the stockinette stitch portion, so it should be relatively straight forward!  Haven't made it to this one yet.

11.  Make decisions about frogging the remaining Hibernating Projects, or whether I will buckle down and continue to get them done. I haven't made it to this one yet either.  Figured I'd reassess after seeing how much progress I could make on the others.

12.  Plan my Reward Cast On Sweater to start when I've finished all these projects!!  I'm thinking this one will probably take the most time out of the entire list!!  Always thinking about this one.  So.  Many.  Sweaters!!!

I'm really happy with the progress that I'm making.  I'm also studying for a re-certification exam that is coming up this weekend, my pattern drafting and sewing courses start up again in the next few weeks, and I have a few things I'd like to do for Christmas gifts, so I'm anticipating my progress may slow a little, but regardless, I'm finishing things off which is my goal!

I'd love to hear from you - How many WIPs do you have on the needles?  How many is the tipping point before you feel overwhelmed?  What's the oldest WIP you have?  Any one want to join me in a journey to get a few off the needles before the end of September?

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