Monday, January 16, 2012

Anything but Brown!

I have finished a ton of new projects (I'm amazed with how productive I've been at the sewing machine), but am currently working off another laptop, the one without my pictures.  So...unfortunately, you will just have to wait and see.  There will be a picture heavy post in the near future.  I promise.  I'm very excited about how my projects have turned out :)

Do you get to a point in your SWAP where you just can't sew any more of a certain colour?  I love, love, love sewing in SWAP format, so my outfits coordinate, with minimum work for maximum value but I've been sewing an exorbitant amount of brown lately.  I need to open a new box, this one seems to have more than enough brown fabric!   Next time I pack the boxes I will do a better job of coordinating instead of matching!  In the meantime because I was getting a tad bored with brown, I searched through my stash and found some lovely rusty orange coloured fabric.  This means I have finished a few lovely rusty orange coloured items and one cream coloured one.  But, you'll have to wait and see!  Sorry - I really really want to share with you!

In sad news, my favourite sewing machine - my Brother ULT 2001 is needing to go to the sewing machine hospital.  I was almost finished my latest projects when it just slowed down and stopped.  It was a heartbreaking sound.  I can't turn the flywheel, will need to go for a car ride.  Fortunately, I have another machine (and I really, really like it, but it has to live outside the spotlight of it's shinier big sister), so I will be back in action soon.

Up next, finishing my current cream coloured project, followed by  a cream silky shirt-blouse and maybe a tweed pair of pants. brown.

And still no knitting.  Absolutely none.

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  1. Ohhhh goody I can't wait to see these completed garments!