Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sewing Basics

Today was one of those Un-Enchanting Days.  Yes, with Capitals.  Not enough sleep, too many things going on, and just overwhelmed which makes for rocky relationships and difficulty coping.  Sigh.  I could dwell on this, but I'm writing my Five Things That I am Thankful For in my Gratitude Journal and I'm Moving On.  Yes, with more Capitals, because tomorrow will be a better day.

That said, I did buy a few new pieces of fabric over the past few days.  I wasn't going to, but really, I have a few things I've been watching for.  I got this from a local Fabricland (chain store here in Canada who is not necessarily known for their high quality fabrics, but if you browse on a regular basis you may be treated to some charming pieces at a really good price!).  One I've been on the lookout for both online and off is this, which I found for $6.00 CAD per metre!  SCORE!

Animal Print Knit.  SO soft!  Can't wait to whip up a twin set out of this!  And maybe an infinity scarf. I'm so in love with animal prints!  I'm also SO happy they are very in too - now my girls KNOW I'm fashionable. LOL.

I am slowly catching up on posting my finished items.  This one is the tank from Simplicity 2603, view E.  It is from the same fabric as the drapey cardigan from the same pattern.  It went together very quickly, I hardly looked at the instructions.  (It would have gone together faster if my sewing machine hadn't died in the middle of it!) Will I sew it again?  Most likely.  I love the soft gathers and the neckline yoke detail.  Just enough touch to dress up an otherwise plain tank.

The last finished item is a cardigan from Butterick 5394 B5394
View E.    It kind of looks like a bathrobe, but with the right accessories and fabric I'm sure it can shine!!  I used a black sweater knit with a hint of shimmer.  No idea when I purchased this, but I'm fairly certain it came from Fabricland, and I'm fairly certain the main ingredient in this fabric is polyester or acrylic, with some wool.  It took literally no time to sew, with the dolman/kimono sleeves.  The front and sleeves are finished with bands that go together very easily as well.  It is a cozy sweater, perfect for the miserable rainy dreary days we've been having recently.

Now that I'm caught up with my finished items posts, I've decided to join Lori from Girls in the Garden in her Basic Wardrobe Sewalong.  I am in dire need of updating my basics, and they'll fit really well with the things that I've just sewn (and have cut out!).  The wardrobe to be sewn includes the following:

1. Slim Black Pants (ponte pants) These will go perfectly with the knit wardrobe I've just sewn. Now to decide on a pattern - I'm leaning towards a pair of skinny leg pants, since I already have a few pairs of wide legged pants in my wardrobe.

2. Dark Skinny Jeans I purchased two pairs of new dark skinny jeans a few months ago, and these will work. I do want to try my hand at making a pair for this spring though.

3. White button shirt White makes me look like death warmed over, so I've chosen a subtle cream. It's already cut out and ready to go!  I'm also thinking about a soft blue chambray shirt, so if anyone knows of where I can buy some, I'm interested!

4. Black turtleneck I already have two RTW fine rayon sweater knit ones in my wardrobe

5.Camel - khaki skirt Already cut out from a camel ponte de roma!

6.Tie Waist Sweater I've just finished the cream rayon/lycra sweater.

7. Puffy Vest I have a great black one in my wardrobe that I love to wear.

8. Faux Fur Vest OH YES!!! Can someone point me in the direction of some faux fur leopard fabric??

9. Black Dress I've been pondering this one recently too. I do need another LBD, preferable not a knit one, and I've been collecting dress patterns lately too.

Non-sewn items:

10. Riding Boot Amazingly enough I've been thinking about this purchase too. I can't decide between black or dark brown. I've narrowed it down to a slight block heel though, but I need to do some more browsing before making my final decision

11. Black patent pumps I have an amazing pair of Mary Jane really really sexy shoes, but I have a hard time walking in these!

12. tights Check! I've been stocking up on these too, but I need to get some more in brown

Maybe my wardrobe isn't in such bad shape after all!

Well, I'm off to the studio to get started on that cream blouse.

I just wanted to say thank you to all those who have been leaving comments.  I'm still new to this blogging thing, and haven't figured out quite how to respond to the comments by email yet.  I'm SUPER excited that people are reading my blog and interested in what I've been up to! 


  1. Great looking garments. So happy you are participating in the sewalong, you have a great list. On the boots, I have a friend who has riding boots made of brown and black leather. They are fabulous, not sure where she purchased them but so pretty.

  2. Awesome tops...I would SO love to also find good faux fur.

  3. Of course we are reading and interested in what you make! Your pieces are gorgeous and inspiring.