Monday, January 23, 2012

Why I like Quickies!

I've got a conundrum.  I'm getting further and further behind with my blogging, as I'm sewing faster than I can post!  I blame this on a sewing quickies, to quote Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic.  Sometimes after suits or a more intense sewing project, I just need to cleanse the palate, if you know what I mean.

Without further ado...the Quickies Collection. (and yes, that does make me giggle like a schoolgirl for some reason)

This outfit consists of a skirt from Vogue 8711, view E.  I used a knit fabric with a brushed wrong side.  I have no idea of what is in the material, but certainly some rayon and polyester.


I made the skirt as is from the envelope. The skirt went together relatively easily, with only minimal fiddling with the front insets.  Knits are forgiving, both for construction and for wearing.  Just mark your circles and notches well and the construction will be easy!  I've worn this once already, and it is comfortable, and sexy!  I was worried the brushed wrong side would stick to my tights and ride up, but I had no problems with that either.


The orange top (shown above with the skirt) is McCalls 6078.  I sewed View B, in size Medium, out of a rayon/lycra knit.  It was also a quick and easy top.  It turned out a bit too big at the waist, so I had to take in the side seams a little.  Amazingly enough the fabrics for the skirt and top were purchased at two separate times (probably years apart) and from two separate stores, and the colour matches perfectly!  I think the draping on the skirt and top compliment each other very nicely.

I also whipped together this, McCalls 6400.  Oh. My.  Talk about impact with minimal time invested!
I sewed View A, out of the taupe and lurex knit from Casual Elegance Fabric.  There's only one pattern piece for this top.  I used a size medium, which is still pretty form fitting.  I think I may order the pattern again in the next size up to go with the more relaxed fit for my next one, like Erica Bunker did. You can see hers at  I could probably just draft a larger size, but I'm lazy, and the patterns go on sale on a very regular basis for BMV members.

And finally, the skirt that almost wasn't.  i guess this isn't really a quickie, especially when you consider all the extra work I inadvertently put into it.  This is a McCalls pattern that seems to be OOP and delisted when I checked their website.  I don't have any other details on the pattern right now.  I've got to be better prepared at doing this!  I'm at my office on my lunch, hiding away in my office (it's miserable outside today, gloomy and rainy...anyway I digress).  This skirt is *supposed* to have buttons up the front.  For whatever reason, it simply does not fit me that way, despite me cutting out my usual size 12.  At all. An unpleasant sausage casing analogy comes to mind, but I'll spare you the details. So, I put it into my "needs thinking on" pile.  I love the fabric, with the faint baby blue stripe in the plaid, and I didn't want to throw it out.  Instead of pitching it (which is what I was inclined to do when I first tried it on) I improvised.  I put in a separating zipper (upside down the first time, then ripped out and inserted correctly).  If the zipper opens from the bottom, then I can have enough walking ease.  So, I have a skirt.  One that wasn't necessarily going to be.

I spent Saturday as a sew-in day, or rather more of a cut-in day, as I managed to cut out a large number of items.  More Quickies.  The box of fabric from my storage area that I opened contained quite a few pieces of Ponte de Roma, both in medium and heavy weights.  Colours include a heathered charcoal grey, olive green, varying shades of orange, taupe and brown.  These will coordinate nicely with all the browns, oranges and creams I've been sewing.  I cut some cardigan type jackets, a few tops tops, a dress, and a few skirts that I hope will be coming up shortly (but this is going to be a crazy week!).  And, oh yeah, I cut out a shirt that will require a little more time than the quickies, but it will help me  meet my January goal.


  1. Your title made me giggle too! :) That lt orange/tangerine outfit is TDF! What a great combination of those two pieces. I know why you felt beautiful and sexy in it. Love all of your quickies!

  2. Fabulous outfit, really like the skirt and top, the gathers are so flattering.

  3. Great title but the garments are the best, beautiful job.