Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Variation on a Theme

So...I don't think I've really actually sewn anything since my last post.  Yikes!  I have just not been able to get to the sewing room.  I'm starting to go through a bit of withdrawal I think!  But, as mentioned in my last post, I have a ton of things in reserve to show you.  I'll start with the brown and metallic copper wool suit. See - more brown!

I used Butterick 5469, view D (the dark blue model) for the jacket.

It is a lined jacket, very straight forward.  There are no pockets or ruffles or extra details, so I decided to add a few extra buttons and buttonholes, as seen in a Basset-Mode catalogue from a few years ago (sorry - I don't have the picture with me at the moment).  I only plan on using three or four of the buttons, but I think they add a simple extra touch.  If I make it again, I'll make the view with the collar, but I think I'd also use a two-piece sleeve design, as I am finding these sleeves a little restricting at the upper bicep area.  The two-piece design just gives me more areas for adjustments.  The only alterations to the pattern this time were to add a 2" inches to the sleeve length.  Next time though, I'll have to add more as I hardly had enough for a 1" hem.

The skirt is McCalls 5523, view B with the pleated kick pleat inset (redundant much? lol)  I elected to line this as well.  I think that lining the garments makes them "float" more nicely over the body, and lining also makes the clothes wear better (last longer).  Other than adding a bit to the waistline area, I made the skirt as is out of the envelope.

With that hot off the presses, I finally got around to the drapey cardigan that everyone has made.  Everyone but me that is.  I had cut it out with the intent of taking it with me on one of my trips on October, know how it goes.  This is Simplicity 2603, view A in a rayon/spandex knit.  I ran into some trouble with the shoulder seams.  Following the instructions, I put the stay tape in the seam, but this caused puckering and issues with the seams lining up.  To solve this, I unpicked the seams, and simply continued on without the stay tape.  The most time consuming part of this patter was the hemming around the fronts, bottom and neck area.  That's a lot of hemming.  Maybe some day I'll be brave enough to try it on my coverstitch machine!  The only other alteration I made was not to make the tuck in the sleeves, and the resulting length was perfect for my long arms.

This just shows a few ways to wear it, and I'm sure there are a ton more!  It is definitely a versatile piece.  I wore it yesterday to work, tied as shown in the first picture, over a RTW charcoal fine knit turtleneck and coordinating RTW grey RPL trousers.  I felt elegant and well-dressed, and extremely comfortable.  I think I'd like a few more in other colours!  I can think of fabrics I have in orange and brown off the top of my head...

That's it for sewing today - though I do have a few other pieces still in reserve for upcoming posts.  It was a productive weekend!

And, on the knitting front, I actually worked on my Francis Revisited sweater last night, even if only a few rounds.  I was absolutely too tired to do anything else!  I don't think I've talked about my Francis Revisited sweater.  Briefly - it is out of a lovely heathered purple (more aubergine than royal purple) Berocco Ultra Alpaca.  I'm making it on the small-ish side for me, given my friend's experience with the growth of her Ultra Alpaca sweater after blocking.  It was coming along swimmingly, but took a break over the Christmas holidays.

January Goal Progress Report:

1.  Cream Cardigan - Simplicity 2603 (already cut)  Finished!
2.  Fix orange/brown herringbone skirt Finished!
3.  Cut and sew one dress (so many to chose from I'm having a hard time narrowing it down!) Finished!
4.  Cut and sew a cream silky shirt or blouse  Up Next - the biggest delay with this one is that I'm having a hard time picking a pattern - there are SO many to choose from for this item too!

KNITTING: (um...yeah...)
1.  Finish Circle Socks
2.  Start Gap-Tastic Cowl #2


  1. I made 2 pairs of pants and a skirt...You made a effing fantastic suit. I LOVE the jacket and skirt. Absolutely love it! This is the kind of sewing I remember you doing and I am so thrilled to be seeing you sew like this again.

  2. absolutely amazing jacket. I love how you used the buttons!