Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Got the Mojo...I Just Don't Got the Time!!!

There has been lots of fantasy sewing here...taking a peak here and there through the fall magazines and blogs, seeing all the great ideas, I desperately want to get to the sewing machine. But alas, between work craziness, travel for work, then catching up, trying to maintain my house and prep it for the upcoming winter months (Oh.  My.  Whadda mean the cleaning fairies just don't appear??  And where is the handyman on his white horse?), dealing with a leaking roof, studying for a re-certification exam (which I passed...whew!)...it's been a little busy.  I had even scheduled last Sunday as a sit-n-sew day (it's actually blocked off in my calendar, I swear!), but I was absolutely exhausted and basically vegged and slept off and on all day.

Vegged with knitting, that is.  I have made some progress on the Rocky Coast Cardigan I'm making for DD#2 who lives on the East Coast (very appropriate).  I've made it as far as starting the first sleeve, but ran into an operator error, so I have to weave in a lifeline before ripping back.  Only a few rows, but it has still dampened my enthusiasm.  That being said, I want to finish it and one other sweater before Christmas.

I'm also working on what I've named my Cajun Vanilla Socks, the ones I started on the flight from Toronto to Washington, then worked on in the Washington airport and on the flight to New Orleans.  You should have seen my boss' face when he noticed my knitting needles - I think he thought I was going to be taken down immediately by security because I had my little needles on the plane!  I also took them camping near Goderich last weekend (no worries - we had a furnace in the trailer so we stayed warm despite the frosty temperatures!), so in a little over a week, I'm at the point of doing the heel flap.

(Yeah...no pictures yet...pictures to follow - they're on my phone right now - working to figure out the Google Plus App)

I've been picking away at some of the chores at home and decluttering, so maybe I'll have some sewing time this weekend??

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