Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Letting the Wild Side Out!

No sewing has been done since my last post.  Ha. Which, believe it or not, was yesterday!  Last night I braved the onset of Franken-storm Sandy and dropped by Fabricland on my way home from work.  I couldn't believe the line ups in the store!  Did they really forget that Halloween was coming, and had to brave the horrible weather to go out and get something (which is really funny because despite the storm, I was there too...)?!

Anyway, I digress (because I have no children who go out trick-or-treating anymore).  My trip to Fabricland during Sandy was to for a RED lining for my in-progress jacket.  I didn't find exactly what I had envisioned, but I did find these:

I think I may use the second one for my new grey herringbone jacket.  The others are for a new black tweed jacket I've got planned, and one yet to be determined. I also got this:

Polka dot georgette for a new shirt/blouse - my latest favourite shirt pattern, Butterick 5678.

I am still looking for fabric though - and just cannot find what I am looking for locally.  I am looking for a black pleather - to use for a motorcycle jacket, as well as to be used for accents or inset pieces in dresses and skirts.  Anyone know anywhere online that I can get something like that?

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