Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yes, Virginia...There Has Been Sewing!!

Not nearly as much as I would have liked to report, but some is better than nothing!  A few business trips locally plus another business trip to New Orleans have put a damper on my productivity, but I even have a few pictures of my recently finished objects!

Butterick 5678

Lightened to show detail of embroidery
Let me just say...I LOVE this shirt pattern.  I made the size 12, with the C cup (I'm in between the C and the D).  I absolutely LOVE that I don't have to do the FBA alteration myself (lazybones...but when you've only got so much time to sew, it's better when I can just cut and go!).  It's a great basic shirt pattern.  The princess seaming is a feminine detail.  I definitely see a few more of these in my future.  In fact, I already have another one cut out.

Another Finished Object, Butterick 5526 out of embroidered eyelet cotton/linen blend.  I sewed View C, the longer version.  I used this pattern because I didn't want the embroidery to be broken up across the front with a seam.  I opted for a mandarin collar.  I envision this will be used as more of a shirt jacket than a blouse.

Butterick 5526

Close up of Mandarin Collar

Close up of fabric, lightened to show embroidery detail

One other finished object - Vogue 8582, a Marcy Tilton pattern.  I made View C of this pattern previously in a medium weight fine sweater knit, and love the way it feels, elegant and artistic.


So I made it again - this time in a slinky type knit, with no sleeves.   I skipped the "twist" in the binding because I wanted it to be simple.  Just in time for the cooler temperatures. could be said that I've got a head start on my Summer 2013 sewing!  I love this fabric - it feels so sensual, and again very elegant. You can't really tell from the pictures, but it is black with a very skinny horizontal white/cream stripe.  I was thinking it would look awesome with the pair of white skinny jeans I made recently, or even some black capri leggings and a good chunky necklace.  The length on me is about mid-thigh (I'm tall - 34" inseam)

I spent a Sunday morning a few weeks ago on a marathon cutting session.  I'm finding I sew in the evening much better than I cut, so I dedicate a time slot of a few hours to cutting out a bunch of things, then sew them when I can find a few minutes here and there.  I was hoping to do a transition wardrobe using varying shades of grey, cream and red, but given how little time I've been able to dedicate to sewing lately, I'm not sure how that will transpire.  I'm dedicating my evenings to studying for a re-certification exam that I have to write on October 13th, so I'm not really hoping to have a lot of time to sew.  Maybe I can celebrate by spending the 14th sewing.

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  1. I like both of the shirts and the top is pretty kewl too!