Monday, October 29, 2012

Sewing Progress!

I sewed this weekend!  I spent a lot of time in my sewing studio.  I am SO thankful for my creative area (which is currently a disaster with fabric piles and boxes of patterns from Vogue Patterns everywhere - wardrobe planning is messy business!).  I am so happy that I can leave everything in a state of disaster, close the door and walk away, and then head back when I have a few minutes to pick up where I left off.  It is such a luxury, and makes a HUGE difference to my productivity level!

I started with a pile of mending, which has been sitting for a while.  Felt so good to get that stuff done!  Then, I moved on to McCalls 4926.

McCalls 4926 - now OOP

I made view B in size 14, out of a well aged grey and white herringbone wool blend light weight suiting.  The drawing is deceiving.  The waist is NOT a low rise waist at all.  It must sit about 3" higher than what shows in the drawing.  Sort of a retro-high waist type of pant, except with a contoured waistband.  I did the "fish-eye dart" alteration to remove the bulk I usually have under the buttock, and I had to let the front and back inseam out by about 1/4", along with the waist.  (Am I in denial and should be actually cutting a size 16?  You betcha!!)  I'm pretty happy with the progress I'm making with alterations and fit to pants.  They fit well enough over the buttocks area, and no weird drag lines on the back leg by my knees. Sorry - no pics yet, I'll have to hassle my photographer to come over for dinner so I can get pictures of me wearing the pants.  Do you know how hard it is to take a photograph of your back-side without a proper camera???  I think it's a new form of yoga!  LOL.

I also started on Butterick 4610, out of the same light grey and white herringbone wool blend suiting.  I've got photographs of the progress on my phone, but I'll have to upload them later this morning.

Butterick 4610

B4610 - in progress!

Close-up of herringbone fabric
Photograph is a little darker than the fabric actually is

I got as far as putting the collar on, but I cannot find an appropriate lining - despite the HUGE stash I have.  Guess I'll just have to visit Fabricland tonight on my way home from work. <grinning>  I'm thinking RED.  DD#1 came over for dinner last night and tried the jacket progress on - it fits her like a dream (the only alteration is to pinch out about 1/4" across the upper chest, upper sleeve and back!)  She's asked for a version in grey with a hot pink lining so she can roll up the sleeves to show the lining.  Guess that will be up next!  I'm also wanting a few more knit cardigans - so cozy in my temperamental office, especially with this wet, rainy and cold weather!

Speaking of the weather, the news about Frankenstorm Sandy is dismal at best.  The Red Cross for our area has suggested stocking up on a 72 hour emergency kit.  Guess I'll be stopping by Walmart for water and a few more canned goods tonight.  I'm keeping all those affected by the storm in my thoughts today.

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