Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What a Day!

Yesterday, my family celebrated.  Celebrated achievements of not one but TWO.  My oldest daughter Sara graduated yesterday morning from our local collage.

Then last night, her boyfriend also graduated from the same college.

Two very dedicated and motivated people, and I am SO proud of them both!!

I made Sara's dress for the occasion - sort of an unplanned, last minute thing, but that's how things seem to go around here lately.  We decided on New Look 6123, view D out of an aubergine (sounds so much prettier than "eggplant") satin backed crepe.  We used the shiny side out for glamour.

We purchased the fabric, pattern and notions on Saturday afternoon.  Just as an aside, we saw a few similar dresses during a shopping excursion on Saturday morning for over $170.  This dress, including the pattern, fabric, lining, zipper and thread was slightly less than $40.  My poor student really appreciates the fact that I can sew!

I altered the pattern, cut the dress and stitched it all together during Saturday afternoon and evening.  Sunday morning I cut the lining, and by Sunday afternoon I had the lining completely inserted, with just the hems to do.  I hemmed it on Monday evening, and Tuesday morning she wore it to her graduation ceremonies.  The obvious wrinkles in the bodice that you can see in photograph were not present when she wore it!

Not the best picture ever, nor the best styling, but this gives you the general idea (it was a hurried picture taken in our front hall before dashing back off again!).  We had such a busy day yesterday!  Sara's graduation in the morning (2-1/2 hour ceremony for 400+ students), followed by a reception at the college, after which we all went out for a lovely lunch with her boyfriend, his parents and my parents.  After lunch, we had a brief trip back home for a short walk with the dog and a hurried cup of tea before heading to the awards ceremony where Sara's boyfriend was given EIGHT awards.  The awards ceremony was followed by another reception, then Steve's graduation ceremony, and then yet one last reception.  All in all, a very busy, but wonderful day.  Both graduates have continued on with their education, now working on degree programs.

Up next...a pair of wide-legged trousers from an OOP McCalls pattern from a cotton/blend grey and white herringbone tweed.

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