Saturday, November 3, 2012


Friday night is normally my "Crash and Burn" night.  Typically, I get home from work, make a pizza, have a glass of wine, crash on the couch,  watch TV and doze before heading to bed.

Last night, I decided to "Just Do It."  I ignored the primal urge to Crash and Burn, and decided to use my time wisely.  And look what I accomplished!!

I finished hemming the Butterick 8410 jacket bottom and sleeves, and hemmed the lining as well.  I also stitched the buttonhole and sewed on the button.  It's completely done!

I started and finished this:

Vogue 8636 - Marcy Tilton 
This is a Marcy Tilton pattern, out of a rayon/lycra jersey.  The only difference I made from the pattern was to shorten the length of the body by 1", and stitch a 2" hem.  It fits like a dream, and the rayon/lycra jersey feels lovely!

Then, I continued on with this:

Vogue 8671

Another Marcy Tilton pattern.  It too fits absolutely wonderfully for my shape.  It is from a very tiny stripe jersey fabric (unknown, potentially cotton/poly blend).  I used a ITY print for the contrast binding.  By this point it was late and I didn't really understand the instructions for the binding, so I made up my own.  It's just a simple binding, stitch the right sides together, then fold over to the wrong side and topstitch.  Amazingly, it worked (my own inventions and deviations, especially late at night, do not usually work out all that well!).  Here's the neckline and fabric up close:

The front is two separate pieces, overlapped and topstitched into place with the raw edge of the knit showing as a design feature.  I used a zig zag (4.0 mm wide by 3.0 mm long) to topstitch.  I also used this stitch to finish the hems.  I am really pleased!  It even got DD's seal of approval (as in she wants one - I'm going to have to keep a close eye on these, and make a few for her!)

I've been browsing the tee gallery on Marcy's website (Marcy's Tee Gallery)  to see what variations she has used for these tees. She has SO many great ideas!  I am dreaming up a lot of new tees in my future!  I'm a sucker for something different than the mainstream.

Plan for today is to start another Butterick shirt - I think it is another 5526, but I'll have to double check.  It was cut out in a previous cutting session.  Then I am planning a marathon cutting session for three pants and a few vests to take with me on an upcoming trip.

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  1. Congrats on new pieces in the wardrobe. When you get off the couch you really get off the couch. The pieces are beautiful!