Monday, November 19, 2012

The Current Bane of My Existence

Ah...Pants.  The Current Bane of My Existence.  I browse others' blogs, and see lovely fitting pants, with nary a wrinkle or fold in sight.  My current experience is driving me mad.  Mad!  I am currently working on Vogue 8157 (OOP, and no longer on their website, but I did find a copy on Ebay tonight - photograph to follow), which is described as "Close-fitting below waist pants have yokes, side front closing, mock fly zipper and length variations."  I'm working on these in a lightweight wool suiting in a lovely grey colour.

Anyway...back to my (pant fitting) issues...When I cut out the pattern, I made a 1-1/2" fish eye dart just under the back crotch line to compensate for "pooling" fabric just under the buttock area.  I added 3" to the length because I have long legs.  I also during the sewing process decided to let out the inseam from the upper thigh to the crotch by 1/2".

After sewing said pants, and then browsing through my many many pant fitting books and a few websites, I finally locating pictures of my precise dilemma in Jan Minott's book, Pants and Skirts, Fit Your Shape (circa 1974 that I picked up at our used book store for $4.95!!).  In addition to ALL the other adjustments, I also need to lengthen the back crotch and shorten the front crotch.

Is this all worth it, you ask?  Tonight, I am pondering that very question.  With a glass of wine.  This pant fitting ordeal is definitely not an easy process.

But...yes, it will be worth it.  I scan blogging land with envy, and the knowledge that I will over come this and I AM going to have a pair of perfectly fitting pants!  Even if it takes me from now until...Christmas!

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  1. Pant fitting is definitely a challenge...however, when you get a pair that you like, it will be worth it. Interestingly, I went for the trouser style version of pants so I don't have a lot of fit issues in the seat.