Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November Rain

So in spite of the miserable weather we've had recently, I've been plugging away, finding time to sew whenever I can.  I've still got major mojo!  I am going on a trip soon, and trip or no trip, I desperately need to refresh my wardrobe.  Funny how putting a deadline on things makes me get some serious work done.  Procrastinators, unite!

In that vein, I've always been a wardrobe planner.  In my head, I have an amazing wardrobe, stylish, fun, funky and suave, that coordinates and works for every occasion I could ever possibly come across. But when you look at my huge closet full of clothes, I really don't know if it works that well.  I have a big mix of colours, things I don't really wear, and things that don't even fit!  It feels cluttered and overwhelming.  Dressing in the morning can be a bit of a chore.  My accessories and footwear are a mish-mash of stuff, and things are starting to look worn.

I've come across The Vivienne Files (www.theviviennefiles.blogspot.ca), with amazing wardrobe planning ideas, and lots of sewing inspiration for me.  One great idea I've been toying with is the Project 333 approach to the wardrobe.  You take 33 items, essentially per season.  These 33 items are well planned out, and coordinate to create a huge number of outfits that will carry you through the season.  This sounds like a great idea!  I have done this loosely in the past with the SWAP idea, but think it is time to really focus on what the overall wardrobe should be, instead of what I do, which is typically creating random capsules here and there. When I get back from my trip, I will focus on the Project 333 concept, with colours of black, grey, red and winter white. Fortunately, what I've been sewing recently has worked in with the general idea.

Here's a few of my latest FOs:

B3468 in Grey Wool Doubleknit
Very basic, almost boring.  But, when I pair it with a funky tee, and great swishy skirt, with some great boots, suddenly it becomes a principle piece.  

I've made matching pull on slim pants from McCalls 6440.  These required some "futzing" in order to get them to fit properly, but hey...what pair of pants doesn't?  I lowered the front waist by 1", I did a 1-1/5" fish eye dart on the back just below the crotch seam, and I added 3" to the length.  I had to play around with the inseam to get the crotch curve just right.   Again, still no picture - but I've just gotten a new camera, and I have a tripod...so all I need is some spare time to play a little and there may be gratuitous pictures of my backside on this blog soon!
I also finished another Marcy Tilton tee - V8636, from a poly blend knit fabric that I've had in my stash forever.  I used the right side for the front and backs (I did a 1" sway back adjustment and added a centre back seam on this one), and used the wrong side for the sleeves and neckband.  I love this pattern!  I already have a few more cut out.

So...when I've finished the rush of clothes for my upcoming trip, I will take time to go through my closet and purge - all of it - clothes, accessories and EVEN shoes.  I don't relish the thought of doing this, but I know that once I do, I will feel much better!

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