Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Summer Weekend

This past weekend was a great summer weekend.  I visited my parents and both girls came along.  There was cake - we celebrated Melissa's upcoming birthday.  (It's a big one here in Ontario).  There were presents.  There was really good food.  There was a family reunion with a BBQ and lots of little people running around in all their summer exuberance.  There was a pool and some swimming, mostly by the aforementioned little people.  There was more cake, to celebrate yet another birthday (my cousin's), and of course...there was Car Knitting!

Dorky picture of yours truly.  I couldn't get the girl to take another picture...but I do look ridiculously happy, don't I?  I was inexplicably happy to be able to knit in the car.  For two hours.  I was sad that it was dark when we left and I decided I shouldn't knit on the way home (I slept instead).  And those Plain Vanilla socks I want to get off the needles to work on some Secret Knitting that has a deadline fast approaching...still not done.  I don't remember ribbing ever taking so long!!

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