Friday, August 5, 2011

Sew, What's New?

Yes, yes, more sewing content.  I actually did get some knitting done, but it really doesn't look like much,   (a few rounds on my Plain Vanilla socks this morning while having coffee with a friend) so there's really no point in posting a picture of the same thing.

I did however get some MORE sewing done last night.  I typically am too tired to do much in the evenings during the summer, especially sew, but I had to leave work a little early last night (only 1/2 hour if my boss is reading this) to be home in time for the hot water heater guy.  Not to be confused with the HOT GUY my daughter thought I was coming home to meet.  Too funny.  I planned ahead last weekend and cut out a ton of stuff to motivate myself in the evenings.  Cutting in the evening bad.  Sewing in the evening good.  Except when the buttonhole foot decides to make some excitement in my life by strangling the TOP buttonhole.  I think I fixed the messy results, but don't look too closely. are the results of my efforts last night:

Loes Hinse Garbo Jacket out of novelty crinkle knit,
 Lace Tank and Oxford Trousers out of Lightweight Wool

Loes Hinse Lace Perfect Tee

Loes Hinse Tank View D
In an effort to be efficient, I've been sewing all of the similar colours together.  It really does work, but I am getting a little tired of sewing creams.  I have two more pairs of Oxfords to sew that are beige (one cropped, one full length), then I can switch to browns!  Maybe tomorrow I'll go crazy and cut out something green or orange!


  1. I clicked on your blog link from Stitchers Guild to say that I'm glad to see you back sewing. You were one of the people's sewing that I so enjoyed from Sewing World...I loved how you went to the studio and came out with entire wardrobes for work. You have inspired me more than you realized and it's good to see pictures of your work again!

  2. Wonderful! You really have cranked out a lot of NICE garments in the last few days. I really need to do more cutting sessions on the weekends. You have some beautiful fabrics for these pieces!