Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spoiler Alert!! Just for Miss Fanny Petting

Oh. My.  I was reading with much jealousy yesterday about the members of Tempted Yarns Club who had received their first package in the Burlesque yarn club.  I eagerly anticipated mine coming in the mail.  And, yesterday it came!!! Hooray!  I'm SO excited!!!

The Tempted Yarns Burlesque Club Members all chose a Burlesque name from a website generator.  Mine was Fanny Petting.  I like it. It's a great name for an alter ego.  Can't you see her sashaying around?  With feathers fluttering and false eyelashes slowly blinking up and down, and fake little jewels glued by her eyes?  Anyway...onto the yarn!

This yarn...it was dyed JUST FOR ME!!!  I have NEVER had someone do something like that for me before.  I'm super happy.  One of my very favourite colours is Chartreuse, and there it is.  I can't wait to cast this on!  The yarn came with a knitted pastie magnet that Stacy knitted herself, which is now proudly hanging on my fridge, along with a handwritten note also just for me.  Oh Stacy...you are the BEST!

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