Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life or something like it

Sometimes life takes a different turn then you want it to.  This seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life for the past few years.  I believe my life lesson right now is to learn to be patient, and to learn to take life as it comes.  Plans are great are not working out the way I thought, so flexibility is something to rely on.  Go with the flow, and other such cliches are often the bane of my existence right now.

I had an awful day yesterday.  Nothing bad in particular happened yesterday, just a reflex to a few weeks worth of life experiences caught up with me.  I just didn't feel like I could face the day.  I wanted to burrow and I wanted to wallow.  I did not want to be social.  I was too tired to do anything, including stand up.  But, I had a dragon boat practice last night, and I committed to being at as many of the practices as I could and  felt I *should* go.  Let me tell you, it was a HARD practice.  I put all my frustration and anxiety into paddling that boat.  I gave up a few times because my body just didn't want to do it any more (I will not do extreme gardening anytime before the big day!), but the last half of the practice my mind was empty and I didn't think about anything else.  I put all my energy into the pace of paddling and the drills we were doing.  There certainly is something for moving that boat across the water.  20 strangers become a team, one unit, working towards the same goal - moving that damn heavy boat through the water as quickly as we could.  I got home after practice, showered the lake water off of me and fell into bed.  I was starting to feel better.

I forgot the fire wire for my camera at home.  I believe it is in with a pile of stuff on my kitchen table. I was so excited to share pictures with you!  I have  pictures of new clothes - some of which I'm even wearing today! And...get this - there's even knitting content!  I have a picture of the finished socks for my mother, and a picture of the very exciting Vanilla socks because they finally look different. I've turned the heels!

I can share this however...

Nashua Sitar.  It has all my favourite colours. I have enough for a vest or short sleeved cardigan.  Or maybe even a small sweater.  I'm thinking it may be my next project, after I've completed a few others (secret knitting, my Plain Vanilla's, Melissa's Ski Sweater, a couple of sweaters I have hibernating that are haunting me...)  One can always dream, right?

I owe you an update on my list of goals.

  1. Finish Mother's Day Socks for Mom - these are in progress, and well on the way to being completed Done
  2. Finish Vampire Boyfriend Socks again, these are in progress, but have been hibernating forever.  I want to finish these  Um...yeah.  Ripped, started and hibernating again.
  3. Finish Plain Vanilla Socks, version 2 yes, another pair in progress.  These are my purse knitting socks.  Because if I tell you that, it justifies me having three pairs of socks on the go at once.  They're not finished, but they're further ahead than they were.
  4. Finish cable ribbing portion of Melissa's Ski Sweater  Again, um...yeah.  Goal for September 30th.
  5. Pick a shawl pattern, and start it! Trinity Shawlette.  Finished and blocked.  YAY!
  6. Start a pair of socks in one of the See Jayne Knits Yarns, if Canada Post ever gets back to work.  So...not a pair of socks, but I started Trinity Shawlette 2.   Notice how I didn't say "finish".  How clever of me!
Two out of six.  Not so great.  Wait a minute!  I actually started a project out of the See Jayne Knits.  That kind of counts, so it's three out of six.  Looking better all the time!

I suppose that since it's August, I really should come up with another list:

  1. Finish Plain Vanilla Socks 2.2
  2. Finish Trinity Shawlette 2
  3. Start secret knitting project
  4. Finish cable section Melissa's Ski Sweater - deadline September 30, 2011
  5. Plan realistic Christmas knitting
  1. Finish items I've already cut out (a couple of pairs of cropped Oxfords, a few more tanks, a gorgeous chartreuse crushed velvet cardigan, a cardigan out of a brown mesh knit)
  2. Plan and start cutting/sewing travel wardrobe for October trip to LA (so excited!!)
That should be plenty to keep me busy.  Especially that ski sweater.  I'm sure my girl doesn't think I love her with the S-L-O-W progress it's taking.  Thank goodness she's not growing anymore!

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