Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I remembered!

I did not do any sewing last night.  I knit about 120 stitches.  I was just exhausted when I finally got home and had dinner.  However, I remembered to bring the fire wire for the camera with me this morning, so I get to share the pictures of my new clothes I made this past weekend.

LH Garbo Jacket and Oxford Pants
The cream jacket is from the Loes Hinse Garbo Jacket pattern.  I've added a centre back seam and a swayback adjustment, as well as two inches to the length of the sleeves.  The fabric is some type of boucle.  The pants are from the Oxford Pants pattern, out of a lightweight wool twill in a deeper cream/tan colour.

LH Garbo Jacket, Perfect Tee and Oxford Pants
This is another Loes Hinse Garbo Jacket that I made out of the same pattern as the cream one, only with short sleeves.  I "tried on" the sleeve pattern and decided where I wanted the hem to go, added 1-1/2" for a hem allowance, and used that as my cutting line.  The matching pants are also Oxford Pants, both are out of some type of wool/rayon/poly/lycra blend, which is SO comfortable to wear. The Perfect Tee underneath the jacket is a wild zebra print that I adore, out of a rayon/cotton/lycra blend. I used a 1" hem for this, because I wanted more of it to show underneath the jacket.  It also has cap sleeves.
LH Perfect Tee
This is another Perfect Tee out of a poly crepe knit, with really great colours (and it introduces the teal colour into my wardrobe).   I think I got this off the ends table at my local Fabricland (a chain fabric store here in Canada).   I love the simple lines of Loes' patterns that really give the spotlight over to the fantastic fabrics I've collected.  I also love funky shoes and chunky jewellery, and these pieces highlight them as well.

Since I got absolutely nothing done last night, I'll include a gratuitous photo of my puppy, Isabella.

"I know you're BBQ'ing meat..."
I can't believe she stood still long enough for me to take a picture.

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  1. I think you are fashioning the perfect work wardrobe...and I'm sure there is more fabric and inspiration where that came from! :)