Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where does time go???

Wow - another week since I've posted.  I keep telling myself I want to do more of this.  I will get back into my regular routine next week when we officially return to our "regular" office hours.  That means when I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, I don't have to rush out of bed right away, I can actually do yoga, walk the puppy and then maybe do some puttering in the morning before heading out to the office.  Anyway, I digress...

This weekend was a busy one with limited knitting time.  My parents came up on Friday evening, because Saturday I was doing this:

Racing at the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival.  That's me on the left, intent on paddling, but having fun at the same time. What a gorgeous morning for racing on the water!  Our first race we did very well, finishing first in our heat, and our time placed us in the top class.  Make a note of how smooth the water looks in this picture.

Our second race was more difficult, with us finishing in fifth in our heat (aka last).  Our third race, for the consolation round, was a nail biter...

The bay was starting to get very choppy, but we managed to win that heat, but 0.07ths of a second, which put us in 6th overall, out of 55 teams.

 Not bad for a group that's only practiced about 6 times together.  It was an amazing day. Our team was raising money for the Seasons Centre for Grieving Children here in Barrie.  There's so much more to the festival than just racing.  It was a day of celebrating overcoming odds, and a day of remembering those who are no longer with us.  I am definitely doing this again next year.

As far as knitting content...well, I did knit on Sunday, but not much.  I'm finishing up the leg on my Not-So-Secret Socks (that All my Readers know about, but hopefully the recipient hasn't found this blog.  Yet). I'm working on a stripe of red below the ribbing, so I'm almost done, with just the ribbing and the heel to go.  They'll be done in plenty of time for the deadline.

My daughter and I searched endlessly (well, for a couple of hours on Sunday evening) for a sweater pattern for her to start because she's getting bored of Plain Vanilla Socks all the time.  She's chosen the Silken Scabbard, which she is making out of charcoal grey Cascade 220.  It will be a bit of a challenge for her with the cables (new technique for her), but like I told her, cables are easy as long as you keep track of where you are.  So far, she's learned the Cable Cast On technique (which I've been doing forever, just never knew it was called that).

My next project might be The Chrysanthemums, which is for more birthday knitting.  And maybe a cardigan for myself.  It's fall.  Every fall I have a craving to start a cardigan for myself.  This year, I'd love a mustard yellow tweed-y one, but I don't have that in my stash, and I'm trying to be fiscally responsible.  So, I'm thinking of either brown or pine green heathers, both of which I have in my stash.  And I have to finish my Trinity Shawl.  And get started on my Christmas knitting.  Yikes, Christmas is less than 4 months away.  I'll have to knit 24/7 to get everything done that I want to do!

Oh yeah, how did I do on my goals for August??

  1. Finish Plain Vanilla Socks 2.2 Done!!
  2. Finish Trinity Shawlette 2  Nope, not yet.  Haven't even picked it up again.
  3. Start secret knitting project  Started, and almost finished!
  4. Finish cable section Melissa's Ski Sweater - deadline September 30, 2011 Again, haven't even picked it up again.
  5. Plan realistic Christmas knitting  Ideas have been percolating, but nothing formal has been written down.

  1. Finish items I've already cut out (a couple of pairs of cropped Oxfords, a few more tanks, a gorgeous chartreuse crushed velvet cardigan, a cardigan out of a brown mesh knit) After my marathon sewing session, I haven't even really looked at the sewing machine.  I need to get those done!  It's going to be too cool to wear crops soon!
  2. Plan and start cutting/sewing travel wardrobe for October trip to LA (so excited!!) I have a fixed deadline for this - I MUST get going on it!  The long weekend is coming, so maybe that's what I'll do.

New/Revised Goals:


1.  Finish Not-So-Secret Knitting Project self-imposed deadline by September 6th
2.  Finish Trinity Shawlette 2
3.  Finish cable section Melissa's Ski Sweater - deadline September 30, 2011
4.  Plan realistic Christmas knitting
5.  Start The Chrysanthemums


1.  Finish items I already have cut out
2.  Start sewing travel wardrobe for LA

Wow, some of those look familiar, but with the return to "regular" hours and fall weather and looming deadlines, I should be able to get something accomplished! I leave you with this thought - Should Christmas and birthdays be viewed as looming deadlines??

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