Monday, August 22, 2011

Where does Time Go?

No posts again for almost a week!  I start each day with really good intentions...

Last week, we celebrated the 19th birthday of my youngest daughter, Melissa.  The days before her birthday party  were filled with running errands, going to appointments and prepping for her return to school in a distant province.  Exhausting.

We also hosted a party at our home for some of her friends, where I appropriately served a Jack Daniels (Red) Velvet cake made from The Boozy Baker by Lucy Baker (Amazon Link).  I didn't have any red food colouring, so it was just a Jack Daniels Velvet Cake.  It turned out to be "Oh, YUM", and SO appropriate for a 19th birthday here in Ontario.

The university and party prep left me so exhausted that for the remainder of the weekend, I did hardly Anything.  At. All.  That being said, I did sew a few knitting related objects.

Large project bag - fits a whole sweater project

Small-ish box bag, fits a sock project

And of course, there was knitting.  A lot of knitting.

I finally finished these:

Plain Vanilla 2.2
And started these:

Almost Vanilla
Almost Vanilla.  I'm hoping the recipient hasn't found my blog yet.  These are toe up plain vanilla socks.  I CO 14 stitches with Diamond Yarn Happy Feet (leftovers from my Mom's Cafe Curtains), and increased to 74. I then switched to Araucania Ranco Multy in Perfect Jeans colourway.  I did a K5, P1 rib across the top of the foot, and SS on the sole.  When I placed the waste yarn for the afterthought heel (which I'm going to do in the red), I switched to doing the rib pattern all around the leg.  I'm now about 2" up the leg.  I can't believe how much I got done on these already!

Super sloth weekend (the weather actually did promote it, with it being cloudy, rainy and cold).  Yay for knitting time.

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