Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What has happened to the knitting content?

This blog has been taken over by the return of the seamstress in me.  I am embracing this, as I thought I had lost it.  It has been a L-O-N-G time since I have enjoyed sewing so much.  I spent my August long weekend sewing.  And not doing much of anything else.  I don't even think I picked up my knitting.  Well, maybe to move it out of the way when I was cutting things out...

I was inspired to make myself some new clothes after visiting Kempenfest this weekend, which is an arts and crafts festival along the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, downtown Barrie.  There were many, many vendors with lovely items of clothing there that I lusted after.  Budget is tight right now due to a number of extra expenses recently, so I promptly went home to create some lovely things out of my incredibly large fabric stash.

The secret to getting so much done is multi-fold.  I had two extra days in the weekend (Friday and Monday off).  There was no one else at home for the majority of the weekend, so I didn't have to comply with anyone else's timelines or questions or requirements.  I was originally going to be elsewhere for the whole weekend, and suddenly had all sorts of "free" time on my hands.  I completely ignored housework and gardening (okay, I did do the dishes and cooked quick meals for myself, but mostly I ate leftovers and salad - it was HOT).  The biggest factor was that I used patterns I had used before, so the alterations were already done.

I just want to insert a little commercial for Loes Hinse patterns here.  I LOVE this designer.  I love the way I feel in her clothes.  I love that I can use great and unusual fabrics and have them shine through the design.  I love how quickly I can whip up a new outfit using her patterns.  I love how I can use these clothes as a backdrop for my fabulous chunky and unique jewelry.  I've been pouring over her online seminars and "tweaks" to make the design look completely different while using the same pattern pieces.  I am *lusting* after her newest patterns - the Cap Sleeve Dress, the Paris Jacket, the Mallorca Jacket and the Sicilian Tank.  (find them here:  I have a few more of her patterns to test and use before I am allowing myself to purchase anything new.  Don't be put off by the envelope photographs.  I've very easily adjusted the patterns to be a little more body conscious for myself, which is how I am most comfortable.  I've added centre back seams to the tops and jackets, sway back adjustments, I used a smaller size then what my body measurements would call for on the pattern envelope, and lowered the waistline a little.

Ok...commercial over.

Without further ado, my accomplishments.  You can see I'm still new at this posting business.  I have absolutely no idea how to make these pictures line up properly.  If the readers out there have any tips, I'm open to suggestion.  (That would be you, Mom and Dad).  And, I need to start relying on my "real" camera instead of my cell phone. It would definitely impart a better idea of how nice these pieces really are!  There are a few pieces that I finished that aren't included in these pictures, I think two additional pairs of Loes Hinse Oxford Trousers, one in an espresso brown pointe de roma to match the Marcy Tilton cardigan, and one in a pair of brushed brown tencel to match the Bolero Jacket.  It's hard to take decent pictures of pants by yourself with your cell phone.

And, oh yes, I spent Monday afternoon cutting out even more! And I'm planning on sewing again for the majority of this coming weekend.  Don't worry - knitting content will return shortly.

LH Perfect Tee and Oxford Pants
LH Bolero Jacket, 4 Button View

LH Bolero Multiples, 3 Button View

LH Tuscan Blouse

LH Tuscan Blouse

LH Tuscan Blouse

LH Tank, View E

LH Tank, View D

Simplicity Tee (Pattern #??)

Close up of  Selvage as Trim on Simplicity Tee

LH Tank, View D
LH Perfect Tee

Marcy Tilton for Vogue Cardigan
with Stretch Lace Trim
Close up of Trim on
Marcy Tilton Cardigan

Marcy Tilton Coordinating Tank

Simplicity ???? Tee

LH Perfect Tee, View A with Jewel Neckline
and long sleeves

LH Perfect Tee with Cardiganized
Garbo Jacket made without sleeves
LH Perfect Tee

LH Perfect Tee

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  1. I didn't realize that you knitted but I have to tell you that I admire your output! Loes should use you as the poster girl for her line. I've purchased quite a few LH patterns back in the day because of garments you made!

    Oh and all of your pieces are lovely and work together so well!