Monday, April 1, 2013

Picture-less Post

It's me checking in!  I know the true way to build readership is to regularly post with interesting things to say and with lots of great photographs of finished objects...but well, life seems to have taken over.  Still ABSOLUTELY NO sewing to report, though I'm getting antsy about getting to the sewing machine.  I desperately need some new clothes for work, or I'm sure you'll be seeing me on What Not To Wear soon. (Is that show still on??)

I have however finished some knitting, though I don't have any photographs at the moment to post.  If we revisit my March Goals we will see that I actually have accomplished a few things.

March 2013 Goals - Knitting:

1.  Finish Temperance socks before March 30 (Rav Link for Temperance Socks)
2.  Block the socks shown above
3.  Finish sleeve for Melissa's sweater (Rocky Coast Cardigan), and start second sleeve (Rav Link)

Guess what?!! I have completed ALL of my knitting goals!  I finished the Temperance Socks, I blocked all of the socks in the previous post, and I've finished the first sleeve of the sweater for Melissa and started the second.  

My sewing goals, as I mentioned above, were a complete fail.  That being said, ski season is done (aside from my upcoming ski vacation), and I am almost finished one of the two courses I am currently enrolled in, so that *should* give me some sewing time.

Goals for April 2013


1. Finish Reims socks Rav Link for Reims Socks
2. Finish Melissa's sweater, block it and send it to her in the mail
3. Finish Emerald Raspberry Fingerless Mitts for my mom Rav Link for Emerald Raspberries
4. And just because I'm feeling SO bold owing to finishing my goals for March, I'll throw in this one too - finish the Francis Revisited sweater I started for myself eons ago.  A warm alpaca/wool sweater just in time for spring.


1. Sew the *&@#$ red sweater.  I have till the end of April, right?!
2. Sew yoga leggings and tank tops to wear on my spring skiing vacation in two weeks.

And yeah...I did spring clean the main floor of the house (washed the walls and baseboards, scrubbed the floors trim and windows in the kitchen, living room and front hall).  That counts for something doesn't it??

I'd better sign off because now I'm just grasping for excuses as to why I'm not sewing. LOL.