Friday, October 17, 2014

Get your Motor Running!

You may have noticed that there has been a distinct lack of sewing content on the blog recently.  Erm...for the last 3 months??   I've been in a funk.  Life has thrown me some curveballs that I am struggling to deal with, mostly financially, but also on an emotional level, topped with a few sewing project wadders that just made sewing seem like not so much fun anymore.

I also came to the realization earlier this week that part of the missing sewing mojo issue was due to the completely sad state of affairs in my Atelier.  It was a disgusting pig-sty of a mess, and completely not conducive to the way I like to work (clutter stresses my poor brain out).  I took matters into my own hands one evening earlier this week and ripped through my pattern stash, and donated two large garbage bags and two boxes full of patterns I will never, ever use.  I was in the "right" kind of mood, and didn't second guess or think too long about any particular pattern.   I'm in the part-time pattern drafting courses right now, and a lot of the patterns were variations on the basics that I can create on my own, and will fit me better right off the bat.

I also tidied, vacuumed and dusted, and even finally worked up the emotional chutzpah to donate my old wedding dress that was also hanging out in its cleaners box in my sewing room (!??) for the past ahem 6 years.  I still have a long way to go, with a focus hopefully this weekend on getting rid of sewing projects I will never complete, but my mojo, ladies and gentlemen, seems to have returned!!

I  went home at lunch today and worked on this beauty from Vogue 2989.  It was one of the projects I stumbled across earlier this week when I was cleaning up L'Atelier, already cut and ready to sew.  I just checked the Vogue website and think it might be OOP.  If you can get your hands on it, the pattern makes fantastic travel coordinates, since they're all for knit fabrics, but still business-y (is that even a word??) enough for the office.

Vogue 2989 Envelope

Jacket, View A
Work progress at lunch, Vogue 2989 Jacket View A
Chocolate Brown Ponte

Progress at lunch, Vogue 2989 View A Back
Chocolate Brown Ponte

 I really like how the shoulder seams are shaped (you can see the detail really well on the photograph of the back).  They aren't straight raglan sleeves, but more of a saddle type shoulder combined with a raglan sleeve.  I also like that the peplum isn't too much peplum, and the jacket is fitted without being snug.  I'm excited to finish it, hopefully this weekend!  I'm thinking it will be a cozy sweater-jacket that will also be formal enough for the office.

I'm also really excited to have finally gotten a tripod.  My dad had two, and lovingly gifted one to me.  I'm hoping to play around with it this weekend, and you may finally be introduced to me, face-to-face!  Or is it face-to-computer screen?