Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Morning Ramblings

Well, I don't have anything substantial to show you today, but I thought I'd poke my head into Blogosphere to give you all a bit of an update as to where I'm at.  That being said, I have absolutely no idea how many people are actually reading the stuff I'm posting, so maybe this is just my way of dealing with my sewing obsession that seems to be taking over my life lately!!

Last week was a really crazy week.  Three long days of sales calls in Southern Ontario, dealing with the seemingly never ending polar vortex (Brrr - Enough Mother Nature!!), a five hour drive home from the airport (which normally takes one hour) on Thursday afternoon which totally blew my sewing enthusiasm that evening, an awesome concert on Friday night (Late night!!), sewing class on Saturday in which I have finally found the elusive answer to my pants fitting woes, and then skiing on Sunday.  No wonder I'm tired today!

Like I mentioned, I have finally been shown the answer to my pant fitting woes.  I AM SO TERRIBLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS - YOU HAVE NO IDEA.  Sorry for "shouting" but this means I can make my own pants without feeling like they're just not right!!   And the solution was SO simple!!  Totally worth the cost of the tuition in my opinion!!  We made pajama pants in class on Saturday, and the fit is amazing - I'll have to rig up my camera somehow (I'm still sans tripod) so I can show you how awesome they are.  Just thrilled, I'm telling you!!!

I've also been bitten by the idea of sewing my own lingerie.  I have dabbled in this forum before, but last Friday I found OhhhLulu's blog:, her Etsy site: and her Etsy site for sewing patterns:  I *may* have purchased a substantial number of her patterns.  I cannot wait until I'm finished my pattern drafting homework so I can start playing with one or two of her patterns.  OhhhLulu has panty patterns for both woven and stretch fabrics, and I'm really interested in trying a few of the panties in woven fabrics.  I'm also interested in trying out some of the bra patterns - though I think I'm a bit bigger cup size than her target customer base and wonder how supportive they would be to a D cup bust.  I guess I'll just have to try it and see!  Please check out her page - her lingerie is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm drawing a lot of inspiration off of it.

On the books for tonight - first and foremost a massage (yay!!), then home for sewing. I'm working on the grey version of McCalls 6436.  Sewing goals for this week include:

  • Finish grey version of McCalls 6436
  • redraft pants pattern and sew mockup (homework, but I'm loving it!!)
  • make at least one pair of OhhhLulu panties in woven fabric
  • find cream wool crepe and pink wool crepe in my stash (this could be the one task that takes the longest!!)
I'm tempted to add more, but I think that would be pushing it...

Happy Monday Everyone!