Thursday, August 15, 2013


Well, if the last post, called "Silence is Golden" didn't just sum it up.  Yup, silence alright.  I've been busy - busy travelling (to Vancouver this time in July for a vacation with my sister and her family), busy with work (just overall busy in the summer with construction season and preventative maintenance, and travelling around the province), busy with family and friends (birthdays, visiting campsites, BBQs, soccer games, festivals...Ahhh...summer!!).  When I do have downtime, I've been knitting or spinning on my spinning wheel.  I just haven't had the time or energy to think about sewing.


I'm dreaming about sewing this week.  Nothing but sewing.  That being said, I haven't had the time or the energy this week to get to the machine.  Yet.  So...I'm hoping that next week I will have a plethora of time to be able to stitch my little heart out.

I'm currently working on (as in it's been sitting by the sewing machine in a pile) Vogue 8774 in a stretch dark blue denim.  V8774

Remember the last time I felt the urge to sew?  I cut out about 8 pairs of these pants.  Amazingly enough, the 4 pairs I've sewn up since then have all fit differently due to the different fabrics.  I've been really discouraged by a saggy butt (on most of the pants I've sewn lately) and despite all sorts of different alterations, I just can't seem to get it under control.  My RTW jeans have bit the dust and I really need another pair so I don't walk around naked to spruce up my casual wardrobe, so my plan is to work on them this coming week (after I get back from a visit with my brother in Ottawa this weekend).

Part of my sewing malaise has come from an inability to properly fit my clothes on myself.  I can fit them on others, but on me?  Nope.  Particularly pants.  Soooo...Big Exciting News - I've signed up for an European Pattern Drafting course at our local college as a night class to start in October.  I've been sewing FOREVER, but have never taken a class.  Not One.  I've been thinking about it for a while, so I finally just buckled down and booked it.  Now, this is the first in a series of eight or so courses that will take a couple of years to complete, and they only offer them one at a time, so I've signed up for the Skirts drafting course.  In November a second course starts on how to sew the skirts.  Now...I've been sewing a long time, but I think I could still learn a thing or two about sewing a skirt, so I'm signed up for that one too.

I've also been dreaming.  A Lot.  About my fall/winter wardrobe.  That I Want To Sew.  Mostly because I cannot get to the sewing machine, so I've become fixated on it.  I'll share more about my dreaming in my next post, once I've had a chance to put away all my summer fabrics that have been sitting on the coffee table in the rec room/sewing room since...early spring...and pulled out my fall/winter ones.

Let's revisit the goals for June, shall we?


1.  Finish Sara's Featherweight Cardigan, and post pictures to Knit Girllls KAL (deadline is June 30th) DONE!!  Yup, blocked, ends woven in, and gifted.  She's even been wearing it when I'm not around!!
2.  Start and Finish Camp Loopy Project #1 (deadline is June 30th).  Need to get the yarn from the mail yet!!  Finished!  New pair of socks for me!  Woot woot!


1.  Finish four pairs of slim jeans from Vogue 8774, which have already been cut (three in various shades of denim, and one in red!)
2. Make another Butterick 5678 shirt - I'm thinking of a red one
3.  Make a top from Simplicity 1694 out of embroidered cotton eyelet (white with black embroidery)

Insert diabolical laughter here.  Heh.  The closest I got to sewing for the past two and a half months was to iron the top of the coin pocket for the next pair of jeans.  

Knitting Goals for August

1.  Finish the body on the Effortless Cardigan I am currently working on
2.  Keep working on my current sock project
3.  Plan Christmas knitting

Sewing Goal for August:

1.  Finish the dark blue denim skinny pants
2.  Plan Fall/Winter wardrobe and sewing
3.  Plan Christmas sewing

Next time, I hope to have sewing progress to show you!!