Monday, July 27, 2015

Total Lack of Sewing Mojo

It would seem that I have lost interest in blogging for a long period of time.  Truth be told, I haven't felt much sewing mojo in the past number of months.  Or mojo of any kind, really.  Without getting into too many details, work has been...very stressful.  Personal relationships have been...extremely stressful. And I've been spending time focusing on getting my physical health and strength to a higher level than it was.  What little free time I have had has been spent knitting, which I find very meditative and soothing for my soul. And much easier to do when you are travelling!

I'm also overwhelmed with my fabric stash.  While a stash is certainly a blessing, I am filled with too many ideas and wonderful fabrics to choose from, and I just go into overload.  One problem I have is that I go into my local fabric store for "just a few buttons" or "only a zipper" and see all the lovelies in their magnificent display.  I need to exercise my willpower.  Maybe I should take a picture of my stash and place it in my wallet so that I can remember all the gorgeousness I have at home that is going unused!

All that being said, my sewing mojo has been stirring in the past few weeks.  I'm regaining my excitement about fashion and clothing and sewing.  I've been catching up on some of my favourite sewing blogs and fashion forecasts for fall.  I am sketching again in my Fashionary diary.  I am pulling out some fabrics and patterns to work with.

The main thing I'm thinking about right now is summer dresses.  I realize I "should" be planning ahead, thinking about the things to sew for fall so I will be prepared when the season gets here (and truth be told, it really isn't that far away when you stop to think about it), but we're in the midst of our hot weather and summer dresses in all their glorious breeziness are what I want to sew.  I've pulled out some linen from my stash, along with a tropical rayon print.  Drafting the patterns for these dresses has been on my to do list for a while now, but I'm hoping to get the drafts done this week, and then have a creative weekend this coming (long) weekend!

Hopefully the mojo will return, full force.

What do you do to get your lagging mojo flowing?