Monday, March 19, 2018

Success in Greyscale

I am not sure what's happening to this month.  It's flying by.  Loads of major projects are happening at work, I took a day to go skiing, I had some wonderful family events that I attended, I had to go to court for the possibility of jury duty, yada, yada, yada. It never rains, but pours, right?

I haven't had much in the way of sew-jo lately.  I mean, I have loads of things I'd love to make so I can wear them, but I haven't had much in the way of energy or time to actually create them.  I've got a few things still in progress for my Queen of Dots SWAP, but they're not calling to me right now.'s my prerogative to set them aside for the time being and start something else, right?  I mean, isn't this what a stash is for?? 

So...I pulled out another Merckwaerdigh kit and my current favourite patterns.  I'm sure you can all name them by now...shout them out with me people - the Boylston Bra and the Ohhh LuLu Giselle Ruched Panties.  In theory these should be easy to sew.  I've nearly perfected the fit, to the point of both feeling like I'm not wearing anything when I'm wearing them.  Also in theory, I shouldn't have to read the instructions because I've made them both so many times before.  In theory.

I decided to put the mesh lining on the outside, for interest.   Well, I flipped the "good" fabric around, so now the right side is on the inside.  Fortunately, you can't tell.  #notunpicking

I also decided for some reason that the soft plush side of the channelling deserved to go to the inside, rather than the outside, which would be the side that goes against your skin.  I have no idea how will affect the comfort level when wearing, but again #notunpicking.

I learned my lesson with the last bra I made about using an appropriate needle for topstitching on the outer layer.  I started my project with a size 9 ballpoint needle.  I've now learned that this works well for topstitching jersey, but not necessarily for topstitching channelling in place.  Especially over previously topstitched seams and band elastic.  Yup, broken needle.  And #holeinyourmesh  Well, my friends, this is a bra.  And in my current relationship status, I'll be the only one seeing it.  So...whatevs.  If you can see it, letmeknow because I think it's pretty much not visible.

The Giselle Ruched Panties turned out well enough.  Except for the hole I snipped into the stretch lace at the waist when I was trimming off the underlayer.  At least it was at the back.  Yup, zigzag stitch is now my favourite stitch.  Mended.

I also ventured out to another pantie pattern, this one the Evie la Luve Lyla Thong.  I love the way the previous Evie la Luve panties I have made have fit, so I figured this one shouldn't be any different.  And I was right! 

I used the mesh lining fabric for the centre front panel of the thong, to coordinate with the bra. 

I also used stretch lace in place of the waist elastic.  It just adds yet another layer of interest.

So...regardless of all of the detours I took to get there, I'm chalking this up to another successful TNT make.  On to the next one...


  1. Maybe I missed it. What needle did you use after #9 ballpoint failed? Thanks.

    1. Hi Annie, I was the one who missed it. I used a size 8/12 universal needle. It worked really well with the elastics.

  2. Beautiful! No errors, only #designelements

    1. Thanks Linda - that's a great way to look at it!